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There are many recognised lists of hills and mountains in Britain and Ireland - all the well-known lists and a good many of the less popular ones are covered here.  Click on the required list name on the adjacent map, or use the mountain search facility.

You can use this website to log your own progress against these lists - simply register a Username and Password (free), and follow the instructions on the registry page.

Please note that inclusion of a hill on this site does not necessarily mean it is accessible.  In particular, some hill summits are on land where there is no public right of way nor open access.  Permission should be sought from the landowner where access to a hill is through private land.  Note that access rights in Scotland differ from the rest of the UK.

You can view a log of recent changes to the DoBIH - some of these changes are applied to this website before they are generally released on DoBIH.  Refer to the Database Notes section of the DoBIH website (www.hills-database.co.uk) for version release notes and other changes to the database.

The survey reports from the DoBIH survey team are available here for download.  A number of people have asked if they could contribute to the running of this website or the DoBIH.  I would like to direct such generosity towards the DoBIH Fund which goes towards the development of the database and purchasing and operating survey equipment - please use the button below...

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 As Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease (as of when they do by country) a reminder to be more sensitive than usual to other's fears and feelings:
  • Plan your route so that, where possible, you avoid going close to other's properties
  • If there is a debate about access, perhaps a graceful and prompt retreat would be the best course
  • When recording ascents think carefully about what you record
  • Remember some summits may be inaccessible, even if on a list
COVID-19: Please heed government advice and restrictions concerning unnecessary travel and social distancing. The hills will still be there when this is all over. Note that there is separate advice for each country:
Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland
3rd Aug 20201 new Tump added.
15 Tumps deleted.
20213 Corcog [Corcogemore] promoted to Irish Hewitt.
26th Jul 20201 new Tump added.
12 Tumps deleted.
1 Hump/Tump with significant summit relocation.
19th Jul 202013 Tumps deleted.
12th Jul 20203 new Tumps added.
25 Tumps deleted.
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
5th Jul 20201 new Tump added.
1 new Tump added to replace 16339 Gutterby Banks.
1 Simm/Tump/GT promotion.
1 Simm/Tump/CT demotion.
26 Tumps deleted.
1 Tump and 1 deleted Tump with significant summit relocations.
28th Jun 20203 new Tumps added.
17 Tumps deleted.
1 deleted Tump with significant summit relocation.
21st Jun 20202 new Tumps added.
29 Tump deletions.
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
14th Jun 20201 new Tump added.
10 Tump deletions.
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
Ports Down separate hill entries for Tump and Portsmouth UA top.
Craigmore Hill separate hill entries for Tump and Yeaman.
17656 Haccombe Cross replaces 5414 Great Hill as Hump.
5 Subhumps added and 4 deleted.
7th Jun 202015 new Tumps added.
19 Tumps deleted.
1 Tump and 2 Tump deletions with significant summit relocation.
1 Subhump deleted.
31st May 202012 new Tumps added.
8 Tump deletions including 1 Dodd demotion.
1 Subsimm added.
1 Hump demotion.
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
23rd May 20207 new Tumps added.
2 Tump deletions.
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
5 Subsimm and 1 Subdodd additions.
4 Subhump additions and 5 demotions.
18th May 20204 Tump deletions.
16th May 202013 new Tumps added
...including 3 Tump replacements.
2 Tump deletions.
2 Tumps with significant summit relocations.
1 Subdodd added.
13th May 2020Recently added Tump with significant summit relocation and renamed from Wast Hill to High Hill (Worcestershire).
10th May 20208 new Tumps added (Highland, Glasgow, Barnsley, Rotherham, Dudley, West Sussex, Dorset, Monmouthshire).
...including 1 Tump replacement.
2 Subsimms added and 1 deleted.
3 Subdodds added.
5 SIBs added in line with SIBs v14.
3rd May 202019640 Silverlink Park replaces 5525 Camperdown as North Tyneside UA Top.
2nd May 202026 new Tumps added (Dumfries and Galloway, Western Isles, Fife, Northumberland, North Yorkshire, Cumbria, North Tyneside, Cheshire West and Chester, Herefordshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, East Sussex, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Wrexham, Powys).
...including 1 Hump/Tump replacement.
2 Tump deletions (Powys, Devon).
1 Subsimm and 4 Subdodds added.
25th Apr 202027 new Tumps added (Shetland Islands, Aberdeenshire, Highland, Western Isles, North Lanarkshire, Argyll and Bute, Clackmannanshire, Fife, Edinburgh, Dumfries and Galloway, Cumbria, Calderdale, Norfolk, Hampshire, Gwynedd, Powys, Cardiganshire).
...including 3 replacements (including 1 Dodd/Dewey replacement and 1 new SIB).
3 Tumps with significant summit relocations.
1 Subdodd added (Powys).
16095 Oakhowe Crag added to Synge list.
14th Apr 202019 new Tumps added (Argyll and Bute, Highland, West Dunbartonshire, Fife, Scottish Borders, Northumberland, Durham, North Yorkshire, Bradford, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Kent, Dorset,Cornwall, Merthyr Tydfil).
3 Tump deletions (Durham, Kent, Orkney Islands).
1 Subsimm added (Highland).
2 Tumps and 1 Subdodd with significant summit relocations.
6th Apr 202030 new Tumps added.
1 Tump replaced.
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
31st Mar 202017 new Tumps added (Conwy, Powys, Cardiganshire [Ceredigion], Caerphilly, Neath Port Talbot, Northumberland, Derbyshire, Durham, Cumbria, Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh).
4 Tump deletions (Powys, Northumberland, Cumbria, Durham).
1 Subsimm deletion.
1 Subhump replacement and 1 addition.
5 hills with significant summit relocation (including 3 Tumps).
26th Feb 2020Data is aligned with v16.4 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH). For further details, see the revision history.
25th Feb 2020 6936 Mullach nam Maol replaces 6935 Mullach nam Maol North Top as Dodd.
1 Subsimm deleted (Highland).
5 Tumps with significant summit relocation.
22nd Feb 20201 Tump deleted (Midlothian).
3 Tumps with significant summit relocation.
1333 Beinn Odhar Bheag replaces 1334 Rois-Bheinn in P600 list.
14th Feb 20201 Tump deletion (Carmarthenshire).
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
9th Feb 20201 new Tump added (Cardiff).
2 Hump promotions, 1 Hump demotion and 1 Subhump addition.
1 Submarilyn addition.
Isle of Man 500m tops added to Dodds list.
1 ex-Munro Top with significant summit relocation.
5th Jan 20202 new Tumps added (Vale of Glamorgan, Argyll and Bute).
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
2 Hump demotions.
6 SIB additions and 2 deletions for v13 of SIB tables.
3 Fellranger additions following enlargement of Lake District National Park.
Trail 100 list revised for Jan 2020 - 12 additions and 12 deletions.
15th Dec 20197 new Tumps added (Durham, Nottinghamshire, Vale of Glamorgan, Northumberland, Channel Islands).
2 Tump deletions (Gwynedd, Anglesey).
1 Subhump, 1 Submarilyn and 2 Subsimms added.
1 Arderin/MyrddynDewey demotion (becomes a Carn).
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
SIBs list coverage now includes Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
21st Nov 20194 new Tumps added including 2 Simm promotions (Perth and Kinross, Highland, Edinburgh, Cumbria).
2 Tump deletions (Highland, Shetland Islands).
1 Subsimm added.
1 Subhump added.
1 Submarilyn deleted.
Several hills with significant summit relocation.
14th Oct 20191 new Tump added (Aberdeenshire).
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
1 Hump demotion (Carmarthenshire).
8th Sep 20191 new Tump added (Western Isles).
Changes arising from SIBs v12 12 additions and 2 deletions.
31st Aug 20192 Subsimms added (Highland).
1 SIB added (Western Isles).
24th Aug 20191 Subsimm added (Highland).
10th Aug 2019324 Mullach nan Coirean East Top confirmed as new Munro Top.
313 Stob Coire a' Chairn loses Marilyn twin-top status.
4th Aug 20191 new Tump added (South Lanarkshire).
1 Marilyn/Tump with significant summit relocation.
2 Subsimms and 1 Subdodd added.
2 Submarilyn and 2 Subsimm demotions.
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