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Please note that inclusion of a hill on this site does not necessarily mean it is accessible.  In particular, some hill summits are on land where there is no public right of way nor open access.

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Site Statistics
Number of British hills on database19178
Number of British hills with no logged ascent3280
Number of Irish hills on database1448
Number of Irish hills with no logged ascent160
Number of registered users5557
Users active in last 3 months1146
Users active today36
Number of logged ascents766029
GPS summit readings logged (GB)11055
Ascents logged in last 7 days (click total for list...)442
GPS summit readings logged in last 7 days (GB)17

What's New - recent changes to this website
26th Nov 20151 Tump added.
1 Myrddyn Dewey demoted.
1 hill with significant summit relocation.
27th Oct 20151 Tump added.
23rd Oct 20151 Tump added.
21st Oct 20151 Tump deleted.
11th Oct 20155 new Tumps added.
1 Sim added.
2 Sims demoted.
2 new Subsims added.
1 hill with significant summit relocation.
4th Oct 20151 Tump added as relocation for 16697 Park Hall Hill.
1 SIB added as relocation for 19110 on Hayling Island.
1 hill with significant summit relocation.
1st Oct 201527 hills with county corrections.
5 hills with RHB area corrections.
24th Sep 201517 hills with county corrections.
21st Sep 20151 hill wih significant summit relocation and renamed.
Data aligned with v15 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH). For further details, see the revision history.
20th Sep 201518 hills with county corrections.
20th Sep 2015Corbett status transferred from hill 595 to 596.
2 hills gain Arderin status.
2810 Black Hill significant summit relocation.
1 new Subsim added.
2 new Vandeleur-Lynams added.
20757 Knocknaveacal North Top significant summit relocation.
13th Sep 20153 Tumps added.
2 Subsims added.
394 Carn na Caim South Top gains Munro Top status.
167 Creag na Caillich loses Munro Top status.
12th Sep 20151 Marilyn/Graham demoted.
1 Sim/Graham Top demoted.
3 Tumps deleted.
3 hills with significant summit relocations.
5th Sep 20152 hills promoted to Tumps.
2 Subsims added and 1 Subsim deleted.
29th Aug 20151691 Kirriereoch Hill promoted to Marilyn with significant summit relocation.
3 new Tumps added.
24th Aug 20151 Subsim added, 1 Subsim dropped.
22nd Aug 20152 new Sims added.
4008 Meall a'Chall demoted from Humps.
2 new Subhumps added.
2 Subsims deleted.
4 hills with significant summit relocations.
20th Aug 201529 new hills added, including 2 new Tumps, 1 Subdonald Dewey, and all the Clems, Yeamans and ex-Subdonald Deweys which were missing from the database.
18th Aug 20151 new Tump/SIB, 1 Tump and 1 Subsim added.
13th Aug 20152 new Tumps added.
6151 Deuchar Hill promoted to Hump.
10th Aug 2015Subsim classification added, replacing Submurdos, Subcorbett Tops, Subgraham Tops and Subhewitts, and including all hills over 600m with drop between 20 and 29.9m.
Removal of the sub-classifications of the Corbett Tops and Graham Tops (i.e. CTM, CTC, GTM, GTC, GTG, GTH)
(Changes made in preparation for DoBIH v15)
4th Aug 2015979 Sithean Mor becomes a Marilyn.
2023 Moelwyn Mawr North Ridge Top dropped from Nuttalls.
6626 An Groban dropped from Subhumps.
10083 An Cleireach Far North Top significant summit relocation.
27th Jul 20151419 Beinn an Lochain Marilyn with significant summit relocation.
23rd Jul 2015*New feature* Hills by Island and Island Tump league tables now available.
22nd Jul 20152 Tumps and 1 SIB added.
2nd Jul 201511389 Leac Fhola re-added to Tumps.
19118 Plucach new Subhighland Five.
24th Jun 20156360 Sgurr Mor Far West Top dropped from Sims.
374 Beinn Pharlagain 40m summit relocation.
10514 Cnoc Carpach significant summit relocation.
21st Jun 201510556 Soa Island NE Top dropped from Tumps list.
20th Jun 201521446 Brandon Far North Top added to Vandeleur-Lynams.
Realignment of Northern Ireland Current County/UA Tops to reflect April 2015 reduction from 26 to 11 local government districts.
9th Jun 20152901 Swyre Head deleted from Marilyns.
7th Jun 2015Improvements made to the Mountain Search page.
1st Jun 20151 Subsim (sGT) and 2 Tumps added.
30th May 20155662 Sron nan Searrach demoted from Tumps and Highland Fives.
2 hills with significant summit relocations.
22nd May 2015*New feature* Option to "Show completion hill" in the League Tables.
16th May 20152 new Subsims (sGT) added.
3258 Meall Garbh becomes a Subhump.
10th May 2015*New feature* RHB Section Tump league tables and Topo Region Tump league tables are now available.
7th May 20152143 Gau Graig dropped from Hewitts, Sims and Tumps lists.
30th Apr 2015*New list* The SIBs (Significant Islands of Britain) added to the site, including 62 new hills.
Data aligned with v14.3 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH). For further details, see the revision history.
24th Apr 201515117 Bryn Nant Cae-garw dropped from Tumps.
16975 Caer Caradoc reclassified from Tumps 3 to 4.
19th Apr 2015394 Carn na Caim South Top reclassified from Corbett Top to Murdo.
1 hill with significant summit relocation.
18th Apr 2015New Tump added.
15th Apr 2015New Tump added.
13th Apr 201517194 Madeley gridref corrected to reflect relocation announced in Jan 2015.
27th Mar 20159141 Cuirn Mhic Leoid dropped from Tumps.
228 Na Maoilean Marilyn with significant summit relocation.
1 Tump with significant summit relocation and name change.
21st Mar 20153861 Great How (Thirlmere) becomes a Submarilyn.
2 hills dropped from Tumps.
4 hills with significant summit relocations.
21006 Seltannasaggart (SE slope) Roscommon county top grid ref corrected from summit to boundary.
21252 Meakstown Dublin City top relocated 400m E.
15th Mar 20155 new Tumps added.
5 hills dropped from Tumps.
13 hills with significant summit relocation.
21st Feb 20151 hill with significant summit relocation.
16th Feb 20156 new Tumps added.
14th Feb 201513830 Woodbus Fell dropped from Tumps.
9th Feb 201520 new Tumps added.
Hill 19037 replacing 5508 and 5509 as Kingston upon Hull UA top.
2 hills with significant summit relocations.
8th Feb 2015451 Creag nam Brataichean dropped from Submarilyns.
2 hills added to Subhumps.
8 hills with significant summit relocations.
Hill 20835 added to Irish Humps, and hill 21163 demoted to Irish Subhump.
31st Jan 20159 new Tumps and a Subhighland Five added.
30th Jan 20152 hills become Subhumps.
6 hills with significant summit relocations.
30th Jan 2015*New feature* New option on the Search and map pages to show all hills "with no ascent logs recorded by anyone" (below "Show all hills within map bounds").
29th Jan 2015*New feature* You can now display a hill-bagging badge / widget showing your hill list totals from a page within your own website.
*New feature* You can choose whether to hide maps by default, and only show them on request (saves unwanted downloads on mobile devices) - just set the new "Map Display" option to Hide on the My details page.
23rd Jan 2015If you tick "Remember me" when you log in, you will now be logged in automatically when you return to hill-bagging (on the same computer/device), even across separate browser sessions. So do not tick "Remember me" if you are using a public/shared computer.
16th Jan 20152 hills with significant summit relocations.
13th Jan 201514 new Tumps added.
12th Jan 20155 hills with significant summit relocations.
2 hills with corrections to typos in summit grid refs.
7th Jan 20152 hills dropped from Tumps.
2 hills with significant summit relocations.
5th Jan 2015Stow-on-the-Wold Hill Tump relocated from hill 17295 to 18992. If you have visited the new location then you will need to add a log for 18992.
27th Dec 2014*New feature* Site Statistics section added to home page, with link to hills ascended in the last 7 days (all users).
23rd Dec 2014*New feature* County Tump league tables are now available via the Tumps by County page.
Data aligned with v14.2 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH). For further details, see the revision history.
21st Dec 201421251 Gracedieu Hill dropped from Irish CoU list following amalgamation of Waterford City and Waterford County in June 2014.
16766 Kingswood Bank significant summit relocation.
17th Dec 201423 Mor Bheinn significant summit relocation.
15985 Gunner's Box dropped from Tumps.
16th Dec 2014Marilyn/Hump/Graham status transferred from 21 Beinn Dearg to 3937 Stuc na Cabaig.
2 hills with significant summit relocations.
13th Dec 20143 new Tumps added.
18573 Court-at-Street Hill demoted from Tumps.
12th Dec 2014*New feature* Option to select multiple hill classifications on the mountain area pages and on the downloads page.
2 hills dropped from Tumps.
969 The Saddle West Top sMur status added.
9943 Meall nan Garbh Loch summit relocated and reinstated as Tump.
8th Dec 20141 sCT and 2 sGT demotions.
sHu status transferred from hill 6800 to hill 9463.
8 hills with significant summit relocations.
Hill 20656 relocated and renamed.
6th Dec 20142 new Tumps and a Subcorbett Top added.
5th Dec 2014*New feature* You can now choose different options for the sizes of the triangles which appear on the maps. Previously the triangle sizes were determined by the height of the hill in feet (largest triangles for hills over 3000ft), but you can now opt for scaling dependent on metric height or on prominence/drop. Log in then go to the My Details page.
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