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What's New - recent changes to this website
23rd Apr 2014 Data aligned with v14 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH).
For further details, see the revision history. (EWSI)
8th Apr 2014Hill 2793 Gragareth replaces 2792 Green Hill as Lancashire county top following survey.
Hill 100043 Milquhanzie Hill replaces 4578 Hill of Stroness on HuMPs list following survey.
Langhowe Pike given a separate hill summit for the Synge list (hill 8037). (ES)
29th Mar 2014Corronoher promoted to full Marilyn status in Ireland following detailed survey. (I)
24th Mar 2014Tump review (on-going) of summit and col data resulting in removal of many marginal Tumps from the list, though 4 new Tumps have been added (hills 110937 to 110940). (EWS)
6th Mar 2014**New feature** Downloads page added - extract data from the database in various formats. Feedback and suggestions for improvement welcomed.
Summit of Hoove (hill 2773) relocated 200m to SW. (EWSI)
1st Mar 2014Two hills added to cater for a county top not being at the hill summit. You may want to adjust your logs accordingly...
Burnhope Seat split into hills 2714 (summit) and 8036 (county top).
Withins Height [Round Hill] split into hills 8035 (summit) and 5488 (county top). (E)
24th Dec 2013 Data aligned with v13.3 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH) and P30 Appendix v2.2.
For further details, see the revision history. (EWSI)
23rd Nov 2013New list added, the Synges - Lake District hills listed in The Lakeland Summits: Survey of the Fells of the Lake District National Park by Timothy Synge.
Sim/5H summit relocated from hill 6865 to hill 6866 (EWS)
7th Nov 2013 Marilyn twin-top hills 595 and 596 de-twinned - hill 596 is higher and becomes the full Marilyn.
One subCorbett Top and one subGraham Top added - hills 7896 and 7897.
Two Graham Tops/Sims demoted - hills 4366 and 3930 (both become sGT).
Three new Tumps added - hills 110923, 110924 and 110925.
Five Tumps demoted - hills 103379, 104176, 103434, 108634 and 108217.
Summit relocations for hills 4959, 103373, 103489, 108739, 109542, 108167, 102118, 108216, 108278, 108373 and 100143 (ES)
21st Sep 2013Choose your own triangle colours - login and go to the Register/My Details page to personalise the colours - particularly useful if you are red/green colour blind. (EWSI)
7th Sep 2013 Hill 1799 Killyleoch Hill promoted to full Marilyn status
Hill 1885 Andrewhinney Hill - Bodesbeck Law regains full HuMP status
Hill 5323 Middle Knoll demoted form HuMP list
Hill 2212 Mynydd Pencarreg loses subMarilyn status
Hill 142 An Stuc loses twin-Marilyn status - hill 143 Meall Garbh is higher (EWS)
18th Aug 2013 Data aligned with version 13.2 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH).
For further details, see the revision history. (EWSI)
17th Jul 2013Hill 1960 Mynydd Anelog promoted to full Marilyn status. (W)
10th Jun 2013Hill 1944 Lamberton Hill [Ayton Hill] promoted to full Marilyn status. (S)
8th May 2013New twin Hump and twin County Top for Northamptonshire, hill 7892 Big Hill, twinned with 5393 Arbury Hill. (EW)
1st May 2013All the remaining Tumps with height below 490m added - over 10,000 hills, display optional (aligned with the P30 Appendix v2.0). (EWS)
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