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There are many recognised lists of hills and mountains in Britain and Ireland - all the well-known lists and a good many of the less popular ones are covered here.  Click on the required list name on the adjacent map, or use the mountain search facility.

You can use this website to log your own progress against these lists - simply register a Username and Password (free), and follow the instructions on the registry page.

Please note that inclusion of a hill on this site does not necessarily mean it is accessible.  In particular, some hill summits are on land where there is no public right of way nor open access.nbsp; Permission should be sought from the landowner where access to a hill is through private land.

You can view a log of recent changes to the DoBIH - some of these changes are applied to this website before they are generally released on DoBIH.  Refer to the Database Notes section of the DoBIH website (www.hills-database.co.uk) for version release notes and other changes to the database.

The survey reports from the DoBIH survey team are available here for download.  A number of people have asked if they could contribute to the running of this website or the DoBIH.  I would like to direct such generosity towards the Survey Fund which goes towards purchasing and operating our survey equipment, whose costs are considerable - please use the button below...

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Site Statistics
Number of British hills on database19309
Number of British hills with no logged ascent1824
Number of Irish hills on database1450
Number of Irish hills with no logged ascent100
Number of registered users6840
Users active in last 3 months1336
Users active today152
Number of logged ascents1011969
GPS summit readings logged (GB)18274
Ascents logged in last 7 days (click total for list...)1439
GPS summit readings logged in last 7 days (GB)47

What's New - recent changes to this website
6th Apr 20175 new Tumps added (Powys, Wiltshire, Northamptonshire, Sandwell).
1 Tump deletion (Rhondda Cynon Taff).
1 Subdewey added.
1 hill with significant summit relocation.
29th Mar 2017The 1,000,000th ascent log was entered this evening by Agentmancuso. It was a backdated log with ascent date 29/03/2002 for hill 3973 Stob an Fhainne (you can see it a few logs down the list).
Thanks to all the users who have registered on hill-bagging and have added their logs, making it such a popular website.
Regards, Simon
22nd Mar 2017Tower Hamlets London Borough top moved to hill 19303.
1 Subhighland Five deleted.
7th Mar 20177 new Tumps added (Bristol, Kent, Warwickshire, Worcestershire).
Tump relocation from Aust Hill to Aust Cliff.
Major relocation for East Suffolk old county top.
2 hills with significant summit relocation.
26th Feb 2017*New feature* My details page now has an option to add a few words about yourself if you wish, which other users can view - maybe something about how long you have been hill walking or which lists you are trying to complete - this will be shown if users click on your username shown in the list of logs for a hill.
*New feature* My details page also now has an option to select a triangle colour for hills you have climbed but the summit was not reached.
The login, registry and My details pages now use HTTPS connections for added security.
11th Feb 2017Improvements to the My Logs page:
Only 100 logs entries shown at a time so the page loads more quickly.
You can now list your logs for a particular year.
10th Feb 2017Data is aligned with v15.4 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH). For further details, see the revision history.
4th Feb 20174 new Tumps added (bings/artificial hills, Cornwall).
Marilyn/Hump/Tump relocation for Hensbarrow Beacon.
Marilyn/Hump/Tump/Simm relocation for An Dun.
1 hill with significant summit relocation.
31st Jan 20175982 Carn Dearg promoted to Simm/Tump.
1 new subSimm added.
28th Jan 2017*New feature* Hill ascents can now be logged without entering a date (tick only).
*New feature* Hill ascent logs can now include time of day (optional).
27th Jan 20171 new Tump added (Hampshire).
5337 Overmoor becomes a subMarilyn.
15th Jan 201714 new Tumps added (Lancashire, Warrington, Argyll and Bute, Orkney, Highland)
2627 High Rigg [Naddle Fell] becomes a Synge
24th Dec 201626 new Tumps added (mainly bings/artificial hills)
including 1 new Hump
4th Dec 20162 new Tumps added (Stoke on Trent and Hampshire)
1 new Subdewey added
18th Nov 20162 new Nuttalls 2762 Long Fell and 2930 Tinside Rigg.
15th Nov 20162228 Craig Gwaun Taf [Duwynt] promoted to Nuttalls.
2739 Bram Rigg Top demoted from Nuttalls.
27th Oct 20162 new Tumps added (Highland)
23rd Oct 2016*New feature* The My Progress page now allows you to click on list totals to view/list the hills, e.g. unclimbed hills on a particular list, or hills climbed in a particular year.
20th Oct 20162694 Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag promoted to Tump.
18th Oct 20161 hill with significant summit relocation.
11th Oct 20161 Hump promotion.
1 Simm/Tump promotion.
2 Tumps deleted.
1 Subsimm deleted.
1 Tump with significant summit relocation.
19th Sep 2016Muncaster Fell split into 2 tops with the Marilyn/Hump/Tump top relocating to new hill 19242.
14th Sep 2016*New feature* GPS Data Summary - for each hill list how many hills have had a grid reference recorded using a GPS receiver.
*New feature* GPS Contributors - list of people who have submitted grid references recorded using a GPS receiver.
*New feature* The "Last click coords" facility on the map pages now has a link to the Geograph page for the coordinates clicked.
7th Sep 2016Data is aligned with v15.3 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH). For further details, see the revision history.
6th Sep 20162797 Calf Top promoted to Nuttall and Hewitt.
19034 Burrow Nose is the stack, not the mainland promontory (clarification).
4th Sep 20162 new Tumps added (Staffs and Barnsley).
1 Tump deleted (Devon).
1 new Subsimm and 1 new Subhighland Five added.
31st Aug 20163 new Subsimms added.
10 new Tumps added.
19237 Gawk Hill replaces 16836 Hickleton Hill as Tump.
1 Tump deleted.
26th Aug 20161 new Tump added (Perth and Kinross).
3 new Simms/Tumps added (Highland, Argyll and Bute).
1 Simm/Tump deleted (Perth and Kinross).
1 hill with significant summit relocation.
24th Aug 20161 new SIB added.
1 new Vandeleur-Lynam added.
Pigeon Rock Arderin status transferred from hill 20677 to 21450.
1 Carn deleted.
1 hill with significant summit relocation.
21st Aug 20161 Tump deleted (Isle of Man).
2 Hump demotions.
2 hills added to SIBs.
1 hill with significant summit relocation.
18th Aug 20166 new Tumps added.
1 new Tump / twin Hump added.
2 new SIBs added.
3rd Aug 2016Currock Hill new summit added for the Hump/Tump (Northumberland), and a significant summit relocation for the Gateshead CoU.
3 hills with significant summit relocations.
21st Jul 20163 new island Tumps added (Shetland Islands and Western Isles).
6th Jul 20161423 Cnoc Coinnich promoted from Graham to Corbett.
3 hills with summit relocations.
22nd Jun 20163 new Tumps added (Central Beds, Herts and Devon).
1 Tump deleted (Devon).
1738 Inshanks Fell replaced by 5621 Cairn Fell as Hump and Submarilyn.
12th Jun 201619202 Esgair Greolen replaces 3463 Bryn yr Wyn as Dewey and Tump (Powys).
Major Tump relocation warranting new hill number for White Hill (Surrey).
8467 Cloch Hill reinstated as Tump (Aberdeenshire).
2 new Tumps added (Reading and Aberdeenshire).
22nd May 20161 new Tump added (Orkney Islands).
15th May 20161 new Tump added (Shetland Islands).
1st May 2016Data is aligned with v15.2 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH). For further details, see the revision history.
30th Apr 20161 hill added to subSimms.
29th Apr 20166999 Meall Donn promoted to Simm/Tump.
5957 Carn Dearg promoted to Highland Five/Tump.
Meall an Tarsaid Marilyn/Hump/Tump status transferred from hill 652 back to 651.
1 Simm/Tump with significant summit relocation.
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