Counties completed by Dugswell2

A date in the Completed column indicates the date the county was completed, with the Completion hill.

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County/UATumps in
ClimbedTo doCompletedCompletion hill
Highland (UA)42495203729
Cumbria (CoU)705344361
Na h-Eileanan Siar [Western Isles] (UA)730254476
Shetland Islands (UA)480235245
Argyll and Bute (UA)14552341221
North Yorkshire (CoU)21616551
Powys (CoU)720148572
Scottish Borders (UA)579129450
Gwynedd (CoU)469120349
Perth and Kinross (UA)685110575
Northumberland (CoU)235107128
Derbyshire (CoU)12710621
Dumfries and Galloway (UA)767106661
Lancashire (CoU)10010002017-01-1119274 - Whinney Hill
Shropshire (CoU)1659570
Orkney Islands (UA)1068323
Cornwall (CoU)23479155
Aberdeenshire (UA)59378515
South Lanarkshire (UA)18273109
Devon (CoU)41566349
Stirling (UA)28261221
Dorset (CoU)1205664
Staffordshire (CoU)974849
Conwy (CoU)15143108
Somerset (CoU)14842106
North Ayrshire (UA)933756
Moray (UA)16931138
Pembrokeshire [Sir Benfro] (CoU)1132984
Herefordshire (CoU)13828110
Anglesey [Sir Fon] (CoU)272702017-01-2614777 - Mynydd Llwydiarth
Nottinghamshire (CoU)272702019-02-2317465 - Dewberry Hill
Carmarthenshire [Sir Gaerfyrddin] (CoU)25226226
Denbighshire [Sir Ddinbych] (CoU)922666
Gloucestershire (CoU)792653
Cardiganshire [Ceredigion] (CoU)22425199
Edinburgh (UA)242402015-02-1514177 - Kaimes Hill
Calderdale (UA)212102017-04-1619273 - Crow Edge
Isle of Man (CoU)532132
Fife (UA)1082088
Isle of Wight (CoU)27198
Isles of Scilly (UA)20182
Kirklees (CoU)181802017-02-0519268 - Headfield Hill
Northamptonshire (CoU)181802017-08-0717400 - Sutton Bassett Hill
East Lothian (UA)411724
West Sussex (CoU)601743
Angus (UA)19816182
Flintshire [Sir Fflint] (CoU)341618
Monmouthshire [Sir Fynwy] (CoU)681652
Vale of Glamorgan (UA)161602017-03-1515851 - Park Wood Hill
Durham (CoU)381523
South Ayrshire (UA)1031588
Worcestershire (CoU)591544
Barnsley (UA)141402017-02-0516589 - Wood Royd Hill
Cheshire East (CoU)351421
Cheshire West and Chester (UA)141402018-09-2916823 - Hampton Post
Leicestershire (CoU)291316
Lincolnshire (CoU)121202017-07-0617422 - Casthorpe Hills
Neath Port Talbot (CoU)461234
Norfolk (CoU)121202016-09-0317442 - Pigg's Grave
North Somerset (UA)19127
Sheffield (CoU)121202017-02-0516535 - Lodge Moor
Swansea (UA)341222
Telford and Wrekin (UA)121202018-09-2919356 - Strethill
East Sussex (CoU)371126
Midlothian (UA)281117
Redcar and Cleveland (CoU)111102017-11-267756 - Airy Hill
Rochdale (UA)111102017-02-0416695 - Moy Hill
West Lothian (UA)281117
Wiltshire (CoU)851174
Aberdeen (UA)101002018-06-1311822 - Hilton Hill
Blackburn with Darwen (UA)101002014-07-0716694 - Top of Quarlton
Bradford (UA)101002014-11-2116650 - Lees Moor
East Ayrshire (UA)771067
Essex (CoU)101002017-03-0519048 - Clayton Hill
Hampshire (CoU)701060
Oldham (CoU)101002016-12-1019122 - Delph Hill
Surrey (CoU)401030
Hertfordshire (CoU)9902017-03-0618868 - Telegraph Hill
Warwickshire (CoU)33924
Caerphilly (UA)20812
Clackmannanshire (UA)21813
North Lanarkshire (UA)981
Tameside (UA)8802019-02-2116702 - Hough Hill
Yorkshire E Riding (CoU)8802016-12-1716910 - High Hunsley Wold
Kent (CoU)39732
Leeds (UA)7702017-07-0319321 - Rawden Hill
West Berkshire (CoU)7702016-11-0318575 - Little Heath
Wrexham (CoU)24717
Buckinghamshire (CoU)22616
Central Bedfordshire (CoU)6602019-02-2517408 - Billington Hill
Oxfordshire (CoU)28622
Rotherham (UA)6602017-02-0519165 - Fan Field
Swindon (UA)6602017-03-0718548 - Hannington Hill
Bailiwick of Guernsey17512
Doncaster (UA)5502018-09-0119393 - Hatfield Colliery
Falkirk (UA)5502016-10-1112909 - Skea Craig
North Lincolnshire (UA)5502015-05-0216860 - Tower Hill
Rhondda Cynon Taff (CoU)38533
Stoke on Trent (UA)5502016-12-3019245 - Chatterley Whitfield Hill
Wakefield (UA)5502015-05-0216851 - Chevet Park
Windsor and Maidenhead (UA)5502017-08-0919259 - Windsor Castle
Blaenau Gwent (UA)642
Bridgend (UA)16412
Cambridgeshire (CoU)4402016-09-035457 - Haddenham village
Cardiff (UA)4402018-08-2218652 - Flat Holm
Dudley (UA)4402017-01-2118702 - Dudley Castle
Dundee (UA)4402015-07-2313075 - Roman Hill
East Dunbartonshire (UA)1349
Glasgow (UA)4402015-05-2713749 - Hurlet Hill
Greater London (CoU)16412
Renfrewshire (UA)16412
Sunderland (UA)4402015-05-0316481 - Tunstall Hills
Wirral (UA)4402012-08-0816854 - Prenton Hill
Bath and NE Somerset (CoU)14311
Bristol (UA)3302018-06-1619366 - Durdham Down
Gateshead (CoU)3302015-05-0316434 - Blackmoor Hill
Inverclyde (UA)16313
Medway (UA)3302019-05-0318536 - William's Hill
Rutland (CoU)3302017-03-0317415 - Prestley Hill
Sandwell (CoU)3302017-08-0619309 - Church Hill
Stockport (UA)3302017-01-2016847 - Turncliff Wood
Bolton (UA)2202012-02-0416783 - Top o' Cow
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (UA)2202016-10-2918344 - Ramsdown Hill
Bury (UA)2202013-07-1716826 - Clarke's Hill
Portsmouth (UA)2202016-09-0719222 - Horsea Island
South Gloucestershire (UA)725
South Tyneside (UA)2202015-05-0316484 - Beacon Hill
St Helens (CoU)2202013-10-1918725 - Crank Hill
Suffolk (CoU)2202016-08-3117486 - Normanston Hill
Torbay (UA)16214
Walsall (UA)2202015-03-2517352 - Shireoak Hill
Warrington (UA)2202016-12-3019275 - Butchersfield
Wolverhampton (UA)2202015-03-2517199 - Tettenhall Wood
Bailiwick of Jersey211
Birmingham (UA)1102018-06-1619355 - Sutton Coldfield Hill
Bracknell Forest (UA)1102016-11-025487 - Surrey Hill
Brighton and Hove (UA)1102016-09-0618451 - Hollingbury Castle
Darlington (UA)1102015-05-0316480 - Whinny Hill
East Renfrewshire (UA)17116
Halton (UA)1102009-09-295504 - Halton Castle
Knowsley (UA)1102017-08-105510 - Knowsley Park
Liverpool (UA)1102009-10-075514 - Woolton Hill
Milton Keynes (UA)1102015-05-255520 - Bow Brickhill
Newcastle upon Tyne (UA)1102014-08-315521 - Westerhope Hill Heads
Newport (UA)15114
Reading (UA)1102016-11-0219204 - Marshall's Hill
Solihull (UA)1102011-02-085538 - Boultbee's Wood
Torfaen (UA)514
West Dunbartonshire (UA)19118
Wigan (UA)1101996-07-0716793 - Haigh
Wokingham (UA)1102016-09-095561 - Bowsey Hill
Merthyr Tydfil (UA)10010
Plymouth (UA)707
Counties completed = 71 565