Counties completed by Adrian

A date in the Completed column indicates the date the county was completed, with the Completion hill.

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County/UATumps in
ClimbedTo doCompletedCompletion hill
Highland (UA)42493293920
Na h-Eileanan Siar [Western Isles] (UA)729279450
Carmarthenshire [Sir Gaerfyrddin] (CoU)25225202018-11-1219451 - Glan-bedw
Shetland Islands (UA)480251229
Argyll and Bute (UA)14552441211
Dumfries and Galloway (UA)767199568
Gwynedd (CoU)469190279
Cumbria (CoU)705173532
Scottish Borders (UA)579169410
Cardiganshire [Ceredigion] (CoU)22415173
North Yorkshire (CoU)21614769
Somerset (CoU)14812721
Dorset (CoU)1201191
Powys (CoU)720119601
Derbyshire (CoU)12711413
Devon (CoU)415112303
Northumberland (CoU)23598137
Herefordshire (CoU)1389543
Shropshire (CoU)1658580
Wiltshire (CoU)85841
Gloucestershire (CoU)797902016-10-1617100 - Breakheart Hill
Hampshire (CoU)707002017-01-2819288 - Lyndhurst Hill
Monmouthshire [Sir Fynwy] (CoU)686802016-06-2615629 - Twyn y Gaer
Staffordshire (CoU)976631
West Sussex (CoU)60591
South Lanarkshire (UA)18255127
Worcestershire (CoU)594712
Conwy (CoU)15146105
East Lothian (UA)414102019-01-195108 - Bass Rock
Lancashire (CoU)1004060
Surrey (CoU)404002010-05-0718459 - Dry Hill
Kent (CoU)393902015-10-1119170 - Sandown Park
East Sussex (CoU)373702016-04-1619187 - Dewhurst Down
Pembrokeshire [Sir Benfro] (CoU)1133479
Durham (CoU)38326
Orkney Islands (UA)1063175
Stirling (UA)28231251
Warwickshire (CoU)33312
Perth and Kinross (UA)68530655
Leicestershire (CoU)292902015-04-0517377 - Buckminster Hill
Fife (UA)1082880
Oxfordshire (CoU)282802017-07-0419335 - Lattin Down
Anglesey [Sir Fon] (CoU)272702014-11-0214845 - Hirfron
Isle of Wight (CoU)272702015-06-2818411 - Harboro
Nottinghamshire (CoU)27261
Rhondda Cynon Taff (CoU)382612
Aberdeenshire (UA)59224568
Edinburgh (UA)242402017-11-0114293 - Dundas Hill
Buckinghamshire (CoU)222202010-09-047773 - Quainton Hill
Neath Port Talbot (CoU)462125
Caerphilly (UA)202002018-03-1915682 - Craig y Felin
Calderdale (UA)21192
Midlothian (UA)281810
Northamptonshire (CoU)181802017-04-0719308 - Naseby Hill
Kirklees (CoU)18171
Greater London (CoU)161602017-05-0219313 - Beckton Alps
North Somerset (UA)19163
Renfrewshire (UA)161602017-08-1913755 - Byres Hill
Vale of Glamorgan (UA)161602016-02-2115843 - St Mary Hill Down
East Renfrewshire (UA)17152
Newport (UA)151502015-10-2415905 - Waltwood Hill
Bath and NE Somerset (CoU)141402016-03-1118168 - Winsbury Hill
Barnsley (UA)14131
Bridgend (UA)16133
Norfolk (CoU)121202016-05-2817485 - Ferrets' Hill
Lincolnshire (CoU)12111
North Ayrshire (UA)931182
Cheshire West and Chester (UA)14104
Denbighshire [Sir Ddinbych] (CoU)921082
Essex (CoU)101002015-10-1119014 - Thundersley Hill
Merthyr Tydfil (UA)101002018-03-207660 - Pen Garnbugail
South Ayrshire (UA)1031093
Bradford (UA)1091
Hertfordshire (CoU)9902016-06-2319207 - Burnham Green
Moray (UA)1699160
Telford and Wrekin (UA)1293
Aberdeen (UA)1082
Angus (UA)1988190
Cheshire East (CoU)35827
Torbay (UA)1688
Yorkshire E Riding (CoU)8802016-04-2416902 - Croome Hill
Flintshire [Sir Fflint] (CoU)34727
Rochdale (UA)1174
Sheffield (CoU)1275
South Gloucestershire (UA)7702016-01-1619302 - Aust Cliff
West Berkshire (CoU)7702011-03-0318525 - Hoar Hill
West Dunbartonshire (UA)19712
West Lothian (UA)28721
Blaenau Gwent (UA)6602016-03-0615610 - Rhymney Hill
Central Bedfordshire (CoU)6602017-06-2719333 - Topler's Hill
East Ayrshire (UA)77671
Leeds (UA)761
North Lanarkshire (UA)963
Rotherham (UA)6602016-02-0716844 - Newhill
Swansea (UA)34628
Swindon (UA)6602015-05-3019112 - Okus Hill
Blackburn with Darwen (UA)1055
North Lincolnshire (UA)5502015-08-0818695 - Walks End Hill
Oldham (CoU)1055
Torfaen (UA)5502016-03-0618928 - Blaen-y-cwm
Wakefield (UA)5502016-02-0716857 - Red Hill
Windsor and Maidenhead (UA)5502017-08-0519259 - Windsor Castle
Cambridgeshire (CoU)4402014-08-315457 - Haddenham village
Cardiff (UA)4402016-02-2115800 - Woodhill
Cornwall (CoU)2344230
Doncaster (UA)541
Dudley (UA)4402017-01-2118702 - Dudley Castle
Glasgow (UA)4402016-06-1814306 - Ruchill
Redcar and Cleveland (CoU)1147
Dundee (UA)431
East Dunbartonshire (UA)13310
Medway (UA)3302010-09-1918536 - William's Hill
Rutland (CoU)3302014-10-1817415 - Prestley Hill
Stoke on Trent (UA)532
Sunderland (UA)431
Wirral (UA)431
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (UA)2202014-04-1318344 - Ramsdown Hill
Bristol (UA)321
Sandwell (CoU)321
Suffolk (CoU)2202012-01-2217486 - Normanston Hill
Walsall (UA)2202015-07-0417352 - Shireoak Hill
Wolverhampton (UA)2202015-11-1417199 - Tettenhall Wood
Wrexham (CoU)24222
Bracknell Forest (UA)1102008-07-015487 - Surrey Hill
Brighton and Hove (UA)1102010-05-0318451 - Hollingbury Castle
Gateshead (CoU)312
Knowsley (UA)1102018-07-255510 - Knowsley Park
Milton Keynes (UA)1102009-09-065520 - Bow Brickhill
Newcastle upon Tyne (UA)1102010-02-225521 - Westerhope Hill Heads
Portsmouth (UA)211
Reading (UA)1102012-12-1619204 - Marshall's Hill
Solihull (UA)1102011-12-305538 - Boultbee's Wood
South Tyneside (UA)211
St Helens (CoU)211
Stockport (UA)312
Warrington (UA)211
Wokingham (UA)1102009-06-035561 - Bowsey Hill
Bailiwick of Guernsey17017
Bailiwick of Jersey202
Birmingham (UA)101
Bolton (UA)202
Bury (UA)202
Clackmannanshire (UA)21021
Darlington (UA)101
Falkirk (UA)505
Halton (UA)101
Inverclyde (UA)16016
Isle of Man (CoU)53053
Isles of Scilly (UA)20020
Liverpool (UA)101
Plymouth (UA)707
Tameside (UA)808
Wigan (UA)101
Counties completed = 54 1043