The Hewitts

A Hewitt is "a Hill in England, Wales or Ireland over Two Thousand feet high (610m) with a drop of at least 30 metres (98 feet) all round".

The Hewitts of England and Wales are therefore a subset of the Nuttalls.

A Subhewitt is a hill which just fails (by up to 10m) to qualify on the drop rule, i.e. over 610m with 20-29m drop.  Note that the subHewitts formerly included hills between 600m and 610m, but these are now simply classified as Deweys.

(Hewitts appear as Class=Hew on this website, and Subhewitts as Class=sHew).

The list was compiled and is maintained by TACit Press, who also publish a hillwalking fanzine, and other interesting stuff about mountains.

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