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London Borough Tops

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London Borough Tops

The map and list depict the highest points above sea level of each of the London Boroughs, and the City of London.  I have not yet visited any of these points to corroborate my map research, so should appreciate feedback from anyone who attempts them for real (particularly in boroughs with more than one possible top).

The London Boroughs are more or less equivalent to Unitary Authorities, following the abolishment of the Greater London Council in 1986.

As most of these high points are within urban areas, many make unsatisfactory bagging targets, but I have included them for completeness, to accompany the current County and Unitary Authority Tops.  Thanks to Richard Webb for providing me with his research into this topic.

Click here for more detailed information on London Boroughs.

(London Borough Tops appear as Class=CoL on this website)