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The regions, with their names and numbering are taken from The Relative Hills of Britain by Alan Dawson.

The Tumps

A Tump is a hill in Scotland, England, Wales or the Isle of Man which is separated from adjacent tops by a height difference of at least 30 metres on all sides.  The higher of the Tumps, including all over 500m in height, are included on other lists such as the Simms and Deweys.

For the lower Tumps, the accuracy of the data on this site is not necessarily as dependable nor subject to as much scrutiny as those above 500m.  For lower lying hills it can be much more difficult to identify the actual summit, so some grid references given may be more an indication of the general area of the summit.  There is also a greater likelihood of encountering access problems when trying to bag lower Tumps.

The Tumps below 500m appear as Class=4, 3, 2, 1 or 0 (short for 400m tops, 300m tops, etc.) on this website.

The hills between 490 and 499m with 20-29m drop are also included as class=s4.

You can view the Tumps by Topo Section here.

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Brief history and Acknowledgements

The Tumps (Thirty & Upward Metre Prominences) comprise all the hills of Britain with 30m or more of drop, with no minimum height.  Thus it incorporates a number of other hill lists, and naturally owes its existence to many contributors over several years.  The Simms, Deweys, Donald Deweys and Highland Fives comprise the portion of the Tumps above 500 metres.  The hills between 300 and 500 metres were first listed by Clem Clements.  His work, though never published, was made available to the rhb community, which paved the way for a complete listing of Tumps to be released by Mark Jackson in 2009, upon finishing three years of on-and-off research into the c.8,000 hills below 300 metres.  The original list was subsequently revised using data from Myrddyn Phillips' independently compiled lists of English and Welsh hills below 500 metres (the Pedwars, Fours, lower Welsh P30s and subs).

The Tumps comprise over 16,000 hills and have been greeted by a mixture of enthusiastic bagging and the feeling that this is all a bit much.  Andrew Tibbetts maintained and improved the list and in December 2011 released an Excel file containing the 10,000-odd hills not present in the DoBIH.  This file became the P30 Appendix to the DoBIH in May 2013.  It went through two revisions before being brought into the DoBIH in version 14.