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Change no.Hill no.Hill nameSectionReq. dateByStatusDescription
12850 (New)Mood Law28B29/05/2020JimRequested
New Dumfries & Galloway Tump. JNSA 12502. LIDAR. Garmin NT
26885 01864 ground in firebreak O: ground 20m WSW at NT
26867 01852 may be as high or higher
12849 (New)Turpin's Hill3328/05/2020CCRequested
New Tump in Northumberland. JNSA 21370. LIDAR. Garmin NZ
10904 68572 pasture
12848 (New)Meall na Doire Duinne14A28/05/2020JimRevised
New Tump N of Loch Ewe.JNSA 28074. No LIDAR
12847 (New)Meall Bhreide17F28/05/2020JimRequested
New Coll Tump. JNSA 28075. No LIDAR. Water flows S out of
Loch Airigh Meall Bhreide. Assuming this loch is named after
the hill.
12846 (New)Mill Hill28A28/05/2020JimRequested
New Tump near Biggar. JNSA 14071. 0.5m LIDAR on QGIS. Garmin
NT 07001 39388
12845 (New)Nuthanger Hill4228/05/2020CCRequested
New Tump in Berkshire. JNSA 20299. LIDAR. Garmin SU 49861
58331 arable
12844 (New)Green Hill27A27/05/2020JimRevised
New Lanarkshire Tump. JNSA 15979. 0.5m LIDAR. Garmin NS
74742 42528. 25K 'Greer' probably a typo. 'Green' on
12843 (New)Collaton Hill4027/05/2020JimRequested
New Cornish Tump. JNSA 19460. LIDAR. Garmin SS 24690 09781
1284215648Cefn Llechid32A27/05/2020JimRevised
Col has been researched as part of JNSA 11745. LIDAR.
128417286Black Hill27C27/05/2020JimRevised
Adding LIDAR details. JNSA 10345. Change linked to GR update
ref 17213
128408565Cairn Cattock09A26/05/2020SERequested
Name correction spotted by John Smart.
128391533Ward of Scousburgh2226/05/2020JimRevised
Inherent error in col selection revealed by JNSA study of
Midi Field (see previous CR). LIDAR
128384912Midi Field2226/05/2020JimRevised
Hump demotion. JNSA 18557. QGIS LIDAR investigation. Marilyn
Parent change & col swap.
12837 (New)Breeches Rock28A25/05/2020CCRevised
New stack on the Berwickshire coast. JNSA 28599. Garmin NT
95650 62149
1283615564Pen Trebared31C25/05/2020JimRevised
Tump demotion. JNSA 26818. LIDAR. GR10 added separately
1283518998Hetland Hill27C25/05/2020JimRevised
Tump demotion. JNSA 20669. QGIS LIDAR analysis
1283415695Moel Twyn32A25/05/2020JimRevised
Tump demotion. JNSA 12430. LIDAR
12833 (New)Barntimpen Hill27C24/05/2020JimRequested
New Annandale Tump. JNSA 15243. 0.5m LIDAR in trees. Deep
drainage channels around col complicating LIDAR
interpretation. Garmin NY 05045 96626
12832 (New)Monadh Driseig03C24/05/2020JimRequested
New Argyll Subsimm. JNSA 4096. LIDAR. Garmin NN 11342 28252
1283118241Dean Hill4124/05/2020JimRevised
Tump demotion. JNSA 22967 suggests P22 but natural col is
extant and not on the A30 embankment. LIDAR. Change linked
to GR update ref 17207
128303527Twr Pen-cyrn [Mynydd Llangatwg]32A23/05/2020CCRequested
Dodd and Tump deletion. LIDAR. On Dewey's list, previously
1282919692 (New)Buachaille Breige04A23/05/2020JimApplied
New Lochaber Subdodd. JNSA 6793. LIDAR. Garmin NN 33617
1282817490White Tor4023/05/2020CCApplied
Adding LIDAR heights, summit DSM. JNSA 7815.
1282711782Woodhead Hill21B23/05/2020JimRevised
Tump demotion. JNSA 21858 & 21935. Raw LIDAR. Change linked
to GR update ref 17198
1282610787Cruach nan Gearran19C22/05/2020SEApplied
Name correction spotted by John Smart
1282517812Berry Hill4022/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. OS_M fully supports raw JNSA (24418)
conclusion of P27 (rounding errors 105.4/78.61/26.82)
1282417318Henley Hill3922/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17197. Adding LIDAR heights.
1282315571Dinas Mawr31C22/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion from raw JNSA (27574) data. OS_M & logs
confirm P22.
1282218054Urchfont Hill4122/05/2020JimApplied
New Subhump. JNSA 17351. LIDAR
1282119686 (New)Broom Hill27B21/05/2020JimApplied
New Galloway Tump. JNSA 28117. LIDAR. Garmin NX 36565 56861
128207829Doddiscombsleigh Hill4021/05/2020JimApplied
Subhump demotion. JNSA 18763. LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17190
1281916162Low Heights34D21/05/2020JimApplied
New Subhump (see previous CR). JNSA 16085. LIDAR
1281817860Tregew Hill4021/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17189. JNSA 26510. Relocation
to summit 1.5m W. DTM high point 1.4m SE at SW 81782 34069
is a well.
128177898Rusland Heights34D21/05/2020JimApplied
Subhump demotion. Status (and col data) transferring to
16162 Low Heights, 1 km S, which is 1m higher (see next CR).
JNSA 16127. Using DSM height at summit where DTM has not
included summit outcrop
1281619685 (New)Swinsy Hill28A21/05/2020JimApplied
New Lanarkshire Tump. JNSA 29913. LIDAR. Garmin NS 83142
47255 CC: adding col GR8 and amending heights
128157810Easton Hill4121/05/2020CCApplied
Subhump deletion. JNSA 16131. LIDAR.
1281419684 (New)Mynydd Cynffyrch North Top31A21/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump near Machynlleth. JNSA 24506. LIDAR. Garmin SN
71210 99006
1281318446Bowden Hill3921/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17187. JNSA 19318. New
1281211798Catcraig Hill21B20/05/2020JimApplied
Incorrect Catchment, drains into Ythan estuary
12811 (New)Beauty Hill21B20/05/2020CCRevised
New Tump in Aberdeenshire. JNSA 20350. Surveyed by DSM, no
LIDAR. Col in cutting. Garmin NJ 90822 20607
1281019691 (New)An Diollaid10B19/05/2020JimApplied
New Knoydart Subsimm. JNSA 3128. No LIDAR
1280919690 (New)Carn Dubh South Top07A19/05/2020JimApplied
New Cairngorms Subsimm. JNSA 3101. No LIDAR.
1280819689 (New)Meallan Odhar09B19/05/2020JimApplied
New Monadhliath Subsimm. JNSA 5094. No LIDAR.
1280719683 (New)Alcock's Arbour3919/05/2020JimApplied
New Warwicks Tump. JNSA 24342. LIDAR. Garmin SP 11395 56550
1280617431Oversley Wood3919/05/2020JimApplied
JNSA. Adding LIDAR col data to differentiate this col from
that in next CR (col swap unnecessary [71.56 v 71.66]). Also
LIDAR summit height
1280519688 (New)Creag Loisgte06A19/05/2020JimApplied
New Glen Tilt Subsimm. JNSA 2168. No LIDAR.
128047893Coed y Cefn [Ochr-cefn]31C18/05/2020JimApplied
Marginal Subhump - status unchanged. JNSA 11866. LIDAR.
Change linked to GR update ref 17172
1280319580High Hill3917/05/2020JimApplied
Original col found intact. Tump demotion. JNSA has col in
railway cutting. LIDAR.
1280219583Margett's Hill3917/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. Buried water tank at summit position. DSM
height 203.54. Change linked to GR update ref 17171
1280119652Stand Hill3917/05/2020CCApplied
Deleting Tump added in error. Natural col extant.
1280016835Redgate Wood3717/05/2020DMApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17170. Adding decimal height
for summit from LIDAR data
1279919682 (New)Tern Hill38A17/05/2020JimApplied
New Tump. JNSA 24010. LIDAR. Garmin SJ 63744 31238
1279818573Court-at-Street Hill4217/05/2020JimApplied
col position change - see Comment. JNSA. LIDAR
1279714631Mynydd y Gaer30C17/05/2020JimApplied
Promotion to Subhump. JNSA 14296. LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17169
127967650Allt Tan-y-coed31C17/05/2020JimApplied
Subhump demotion. JNSA 15383. LIDAR in trees. Change linked
to GR update ref 17168
Subhump demotion. JNSA 14154. 2m LIDAR. Existing gr10 in
adjacent square
1279419681 (New)Trewince Hill4016/05/2020JimApplied
New Cornish Tump. JNSA 26998. LIDAR. Garmin SW 86449 33712
1279319639Wat's Dyke30C16/05/2020CCApplied
Deleting Tump added in error. Natural col extant in housing
1279219680 (New)The Look Out4116/05/2020JimApplied
New Dorset Tump. JNSA 26933. LIDAR. Garmin SY 67886 82839.
Curious name even on old maps.
1279117718Tod Moor4016/05/2020JimApplied
Tump relocation. JNSA 17718. LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17149. Highest ground between 2 fields looks man
made. Col on A38 dual carriageway
12790966Creag Dhubh13A15/05/2020CCApplied
Updating to GMM/Magic height. Maps conflict. 901 may be a
rise, plots on edge of additional 900 contour on OS Maps
1278917344Woodford Hill3915/05/2020JimApplied
Tump replaced by Preston Capes Hill. JNSA 18979. LIDAR at
summit. Change linked to GR update ref 17148
1278819677 (New)Preston Capes Hill3915/05/2020JimApplied
Tump replacement for Woodford Hill (see next CR). JNSA
18979. LIDAR. Garmin SP 56713 54536 F: grassy triangle at
road junction
1278719029Mount Hill3914/05/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion, see previous CR. LIDAR.
1278619676 (New)Hopewell Hill3914/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Bristol, replaces 19029 Mount Hill. JNSA 23643.
LIDAR. Garmin ST 64497 74631 copse
1278519675 (New)Upper Under Hill3714/05/2020JimApplied
New Tump in N Yk Moors. JNSA 23671. LIDAR. Col in railway
cutting. Garmin NZ 77783 05790
Definitely tidal. No evidence that (natural) col is >0m,
therefore not adding to Burray
Adding new Multi Tump Island code. Consequently renaming.
See previous CR
1278219674 (New)Northtown Hill2314/05/2020JimApplied
New Orkney Tump creating new Multi Tump Island (Burray
I126). JNSA 28621. No LIDAR
1278119549Sedgley Beacon3914/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17147. Tump deletion.
Original summit was on reservoir.
1278019673 (New)Warren Plantation4114/05/2020JimApplied
New Tump to replace 18250 Buckland Wood. JNSA 23343. LIDAR -
deciduous tree cover. Garmin ST 76932 50566
1277918250Buckland Wood4114/05/2020JimApplied
Replaced as Tump by Warren Plantation (see next CR). JNSA
23343. LIDAR in light deciduous tree cover. We believe the
43cm height difference to be credible in the LIDAR
conditions. Change linked to GR update ref 17135
1277819672 (New)Pedwell Hill4113/05/2020JimApplied
New Somerset Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. R26698. Garmin ST 43448
35942. (Assume 50K spelling [Pedwill] is erroneous)
1277719580High Hill3913/05/2020JimApplied
Relocation following site visits & GR10 report from
RichardM. Change linked to GR update ref 17140
1277619679 (New)Craig Wood SE Top06B13/05/2020CCApplied
New Subdodd. JNSA 6328. No LIDAR.
127756038Craig Wood06B13/05/2020CCApplied
OS Maps update
1277419671 (New)Ellesmere Castle38A13/05/2020JimApplied
New Shropshire Tump. JNSA 23365. LIDAR. Garmin SJ 40318
1277318326South Hill4112/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. High point N of JNSA 26366. LIDAR. Note added
Comment. Change linked to GR update ref 17136
1277219670 (New)Coed-y-Graig32C12/05/2020JimApplied
New Rhondda Tump. JNSA 23333. 2m LIDAR in trees at summit &
col. Col in railway cutting. Garmin ST 08086 82947. JB:
correcting typo
1277119669 (New)Scarthin Rock3611/05/2020JimApplied
New Derbs Tump. JNSA 23270. LIDAR in trees at summit. Garmin
SK 29728 57032
1277016949Sheffield's Hill3711/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17134. LIDAR relocation and
col swap
1276919668 (New)Lincoln Castle3711/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Lincolnshire. JNSA 26283. LIDAR. Col swap with
16949. Garmin SK 97528 71801 ground by W wall of Observatory
1276819667 (New)Hayes Wood4011/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Devon. JNSA 23222. LIDAR. Garmin SY 05347 84490
127673969Meall Reamhar01C11/05/2020DMApplied
Alan Dawson survey to confirm height at recently changed
summit location.
127665745Creag na h-Iolaire [Meall Reamhar North Top]01C11/05/2020DMApplied
Revisited survey by Alan Dawson. Minor increase in height
and therefore drop.
1276519666 (New)Cnoc a' Mhoraire12A11/05/2020JimApplied
New Highland Tump. JNSA 12714. No LIDAR. 7X5m contour rings.
Summit probably more than 100m from line of main watershed.
CC: Col adj using Scotlis & 1:25k.
1276419678 (New)Douglas Rig27C11/05/2020JimApplied
New Clyde Tump. JNSA 7736. No LIDAR. Tiny contour on OS_M at
NS 74681 24891 indicates col is 6m lower than .443 - also
P101ft on 1:10560
1276318555Wittenham Clumps3910/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17122. LIDAR update
12762966Creag Dhubh13A10/05/2020CCApplied
See previous CR
12761965Sgurr nan Fhir Duibhe North Top13A10/05/2020CCApplied
Name change suggested by alda to separate from 966
12760935Braigh a' Choire Bhig12B10/05/2020CCApplied
See previous CR
12759938Stob a' Choire Bhig12B10/05/2020CCApplied
Name change suggested by alda to separate from 935
1275817761Castle Dore Hill4009/05/2020JimApplied
Adding alternative summit. JNSA 22965. LIDAR. Change linked
to GR update ref 17121
127576262Carn an Sgianair09B09/05/2020JimApplied
Subsimm demotion. alda survey. Change linked to GR update
ref 17120
1275619647Meall Reamhar West Top01C09/05/2020JimApplied
alda survey. Change linked to GR update ref 17119
127556378Ladhar Bheinn South Top10B09/05/2020JimApplied
alda survey (also resolving JNSA 1390 & 1398). Change linked
to GR update ref 17118 (no col GR8).
1275419665 (New)Stob Leathad a' Mhadaidh05A08/05/2020JimApplied
New Perthshire Subsimm. JNSA 2934. No LIDAR
1275319664 (New)Meall nan Ruag02A08/05/2020JimApplied
New Perthshire Subsimm. JNSA 4735. No LIDAR
127522865Seager Hill38B08/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17117. LIDAR update.
127512866Seager Hill South Top38B08/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17116. LIDAR update.
1275019622Gascoigne Wood Tip07/05/2020CCApplied
adopting Woodland Trust name
1274919659 (New)Highmore's Hill4107/05/2020JimApplied
New Tump. JNSA 22771. LIDAR. col in railway cutting. Garmin
ST 66695 18086 F: no feature: arable Obs: Combe Hill 1.3km N
at ST 66387 19379 is, probably, just lower.
127482836Normanby Top [The Wolds]3707/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17115. Adding LIDAR height.
1274719663 (New)Warham Salt Marsh - East3906/05/2020JimApplied
New SIB from SIBs v13
1274619497Warham Salt Marsh - West3906/05/2020JimApplied
Name tweak to fit SIBs v14
127454923Fora Ness2206/05/2020JimApplied
Added to SIBs in v14
1274412102The Ward2206/05/2020JimApplied
Added to SIBs in v14
1274310548Garbh Eilean17E06/05/2020JimApplied
Added to SIBs in v14
127424954Eilean an Taighe [Eilean an Tighe]24A06/05/2020JimApplied
Added to SIBs in v14
1274111352Eilean Aoidhe19C06/05/2020JimApplied
Added to SIBs in v14
12740SJ356922Brow Side Gardens3606/05/2020JimRejected
Tump candidate in Liverpool. JNSA 26272. LIDAR. Garmin SJ
35620 92298 grass. NW col at SJ 3838 9037 is slightly
higher. LIDAR reviewed 2020.
J068 Maritime Region description changed from ‘Thames &
The Medway’ to ‘Thames, Medway, Kent & Sussex’ in SIBs
1273818550Whitemans Green4206/05/2020JimApplied
Replaced as Tump by Gore's Wood (see previous CR)
1273719658 (New)Gore's Wood4206/05/2020JimApplied
Replacement Tump for 18550 Whitemans Green (see next CR).
JNSA 22706. LIDAR. Covered reservoir at summit. Garmin TQ
31068 25825. Obs: ground on N side of covered reservoir
1273619657 (New)Grist Castle Wood32A05/05/2020JimApplied
New Monmouth Tump. JNSA 22419. LIDAR. Garmin SO 51250 15656
1273519656 (New)Bellahouston Park27A05/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Glasgow. JNSA 29992. LIDAR at summit. Garmin NS
54923 63802
1273417067Wolverton Hill38A05/05/2020JimApplied
Minor col tweak. Col has been incorrectly attributed to 5355
Diddlebury Common in JNSA 12836 (falsely suggesting a Hump
demotion). JNSA LIDAR suggests a col height of 219.07 and
more recent 25K (on Geograph) and OS_M agree
1273319662 (New)Banc Bwlchygarreg East Top31A04/05/2020JimApplied
New Subdodd in Central Wales.JNSA 6608. LIDAR (flown before
trees were felled). Garmin SN 73369 91788
1273219655 (New)Castle Hill3704/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump in South Yorkshire. JNSA 22222. LIDAR. Garmin SK
51610 88204 motte
1273119661 (New)Crean nan Eun01A04/05/2020JimApplied
New Perthshire Subdodd. JNSA 6321. No LIDAR.
JNSA. Questionable 2013 relocation. Believe OS have now
reduced spot heights. Email
1272919660 (New)Meall nan Oighreagan East Top11B04/05/2020JimApplied
New Subdodd W of Loch Ness. JNSA 5978. No LIDAR. Averaging
542/3/4 spots.
1272819654 (New)Houghton Main Hill3603/05/2020JimApplied
New Barnsley Tump. JNSA 26160. LIDAR. Named after colliery.
Garmin SE 42422 06102
Replaced by hill 19640 Silverlink Park as North Tyneside UA
top. New col added
1272619640Silverlink Park3303/05/2020SEApplied
Replaces hill 5525 Camperdown as North Tyneside UA top
1272517402Thorn Hill3903/05/2020CCApplied
Adding comment. JNSA.
12724HU513634Hunder Holm2203/05/2020JimRejected
NOT A new Shetland island Tump. JNSA 29213. No LIDAR. 30m
GMM spot, 26m Magic Maps
1272319653 (New)Meall Beag11A02/05/2020JimApplied
New Glen Affric Tump. JNSA 7730. No LIDAR
1272219652 (New)Stand Hill3902/05/2020JimApplied
New Dudley Tump. JNSA 22150. LIDAR (in light deciduous trees
at col). Garmin SO 89387 88196. Former Standhills colliery
site 350m NE [nearby main road too].
1272119547Pulworthy Hill4002/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17088. Tump deletion from
Tellus LIDAR
1272019646 (New)Castle Hill4202/05/2020JimApplied
New Hump to replace 5448 Newmarket Hill. JNSA 18401. NLP
LIDAR. Garmin TQ 37423 07477
127195448Newmarket Hill4202/05/2020JimApplied
Hump demotion - see next CR. NLP LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17087
127189376Creag a' Chairn Chaoruinn16B02/05/2020SEApplied
Hillname change suggested by John Smart
1271719644 (New)Kentstone Hill3302/05/2020JimApplied
New Northumberland Tump. JNSA 26014. LIDAR. Garmin NU 04409
1271619643 (New)Alvanley Cliff3602/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Cheshire. JNSA 22162. LIDAR. Garmin SJ 51028
73865. GR6 corrected.
1271519642 (New)East Down4002/05/2020JimApplied
New Devon Tump. JNSA 26005. LIDAR. Garmin SX 95876 75045
1271419641 (New)Aaron's Hill4202/05/2020JimApplied
New Surrey Tump. JNSA 25797. LIDAR. Garmin SU 96401 43932
1271319651 (New)Booze Moor35A01/05/2020JimApplied
New N Yks Subdodd. JNSA [R6357]. LIDAR. Garmin NZ 01752
1271219650 (New)Black Hill35A01/05/2020JimApplied
New Northumberland Subdodd. JNSA [R6489]. LIDAR. Garmin NY
80902 52104
Adjusting summit height & adding Comment. JNSA [R29013]. 2m
LIDAR. Change linked to GR update ref 17081
1271019649 (New)Back Scar35B01/05/2020JimApplied
New N Yks Subdodd. JNSA [R6121]. LIDAR. Garmin SD 86115
64427. Great Scar is just the S side.
1270919648 (New)Tryfan30B01/05/2020JimApplied
New Subdodd on Snowdon's flanks. JNSA [R5174]. No LIDAR.
Summit height from Magic.
1270819640 (New)Silverlink Park3330/04/2020JimApplied
New North Tyneside Tump. JNSA [R25246]. Garmin SX 31596
1270719639 (New)Wat's Dyke30C30/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Wrexham. JNSA 22010. LIDAR. Summit is highest
point of Wat's Dyke, earthworks run along natural summit.
Col destroyed by road cutting. Name from precedent of 5466
Viking Way. Garmin SJ 31130 44242 earthen bank
1270619638 (New)Brocks Hill4030/04/2020JimApplied
New Devon Tump on reclaimed spoil. JNSA [R27499]. LIDAR.
Garmin SX 84032 75978
1270519637 (New)Tedney Hill38B30/04/2020JimApplied
New Herefordshire Tump. JNSA [R25234]. 2m LIDAR. Garmin SO
72918 58855 edge of wood
Tump demotion. JNSA [R15647]. LIDAR. Done early following
post by Myrddyn Philips on Tump Forum
1270317881Carter's Rocks South4030/04/2020GGApplied
adding LIDAR height JNSA [R27554]
1270217899Carter's Rocks North4030/04/2020GGApplied
adding LIDAR height JNSA [R27876]
1270118754Gull Rock4030/04/2020GGApplied
adding LIDAR DSM height JNSA [R28732]
1270019636 (New)Hells Mouth Stack4030/04/2020JimApplied
New Cornish seastack Tump. JNSA. LIDAR [R28651]. Garmin SW
60390 43050 rock
1269917913Men-a-vaur East4030/04/2020GGApplied
adding LIDAR height JNSA [R28838]
adding LIDAR height JNSA [R28648]
1269719645 (New)The Knotts34D29/04/2020JimApplied
New Cumbrian Tump. JNSA [R25148]. 2m LIDAR. Garmin SD 28762
1269619635 (New)Orchard Hill34B29/04/2020JimApplied
New Cumbrian Tump. JNSA [R25067]. LIDAR (deciduous wood).
Imperial mapping v supportive at 311 ft. All modern mapping
contradicts at 83/84m. Garmin NY 10971 03571
1269519634 (New)Crift Hill4029/04/2020JimApplied
New Cornish Tump. JNSA [R24990]. LIDAR. Original col removed
by railway cutting. Garmin SX 34033 57698 NW edge of old
1269419633 (New)Shitterton Hill4129/04/2020JimApplied
New Dorset Tump. JNSA [R24806]. LIDAR. Garmin SY 83155
94915. Summit in 'Shitterton Wood' but this is only
mentioned on 10K and 6 inch.
1269318112Mells Down4129/04/2020JimRejected
Changes processed within GR update ref 17070
1269218987The Sisters South4029/04/2020GGApplied
adding LIDAR height
1269118750The Sisters North4029/04/2020GGApplied
Adding LIDAR height
1269019632 (New)Clanger Hill4128/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump in Somerset. JNSA [24795]. LIDAR. Garmin ST 88382
1268919631 (New)Allt y Moch31B28/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump in Central Wales. JNSA. No LIDAR. Photogrammetry
sets conflict.
1268819630 (New)Blackhorse Hill4228/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump near Hastings. JNSA [21736] LIDAR (summit in
trees). Garmin TQ 77758 14017
1268719629 (New)Castle How34A28/04/2020JimApplied
New Cumbrian Tump at much visited hill fort. No evidence
that fort remains do not sit above natural summit. JNSA
[24648]. LIDAR. Garmin NY 20168 30830
1268619628 (New)St Ninians West26A28/04/2020JimApplied
New artificial Tump in Fife. JNSA [R20247]. No LIDAR
1268519627 (New)St Ninians East26A28/04/2020JimApplied
New artificial Tump in Fife. JNSA [R19490]. No LIDAR
1268419647 (New)Meall Reamhar West Top01C28/04/2020JimApplied
New Subsimm spotted by alda on OS_M. JNSA is unsupportive
(P17.77 - no LIDAR) but col height is overstated there at
640 (multiple of 10)
1268319626 (New)Cleitean Bhaile Neacail24A28/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump on Lewis. JNSA [R28047]. No LIDAR.
126829355Cnoc Salislade16C27/04/2020SEApplied
Hillname correction spotted by John Smart
1268119625 (New)Middle How34D26/04/2020JimApplied
New Cumbrian Tump. JNSA 21720. LIDAR. Garmin SD 37023 92145
1268019624 (New)Far Dundrum Plantation27C26/04/2020JimApplied
New Dumfrieshire Tump. JNSA 17863. LIDAR summit in trees.
Garmin NX 89211 82567, Obs summit 170m SSE is lower
1267919623 (New)Ashley Heath4126/04/2020JimApplied
New Hants Tump. JNSA 27614. LIDAR. Garmin SU 12834 02000 F:
ground 8m WSW of trig point O: ground 130m W at base of
tumulus at SU 12706 02011 may be as high
1267819622 (New)Gascoigne Wood Hill3725/04/2020JimApplied
New artificial hill in Yorks. JNSA 28208. LIDAR. Named
after colliery. Garmin SE 53201 32148. GG: adding class
1267719621 (New)Doon of Castramont27B25/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump near Gatehouse of Fleet. JNSA 23147. LIDAR in trees
(no decimals). Garmin NX 59231 59847
1267616095Oakhowe Crag34B25/04/2020CCApplied
New Synge
1267519619 (New)Keir Brae26A24/04/2020JimApplied
New Fife Tump. JNSA [R22167]. LIDAR. Garmin NT 23714 94552
1267419618 (New)Macneilie Hill27B24/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump near Stranraer. JNSA [R27354]. LIDAR. Garmin NX
09873 62012. Summit in trees. Natural col has been bridged
by a road embankment but is still the lowest. W col at NX
1035 6053 is marginally higher.
1267319620 (New)Moelfryn Mawr31C24/04/2020JimApplied
New Subdodd near Rhayader. JNSA [R6792]. LIDAR at summit
only. Garmin SN 92455 67619
1267219617 (New)Beacon Hill4223/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump between Portsmouth & Southampton. JNSA. [R27624]
LIDAR. Garmin SU 51332 08541 Beacon Way (road)
1267119616 (New)Lennie Hill28A23/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump near Edinburgh Airport. JNSA [R26309]. LIDAR.
Garmin NT 16989 74108
1267019615 (New)Ynys Dafydd30D23/04/2020JimApplied
New Snowdonia Tump. JNSA [R27860]. LIDAR. Garmin SH 64639
1266919614 (New)Stack of Mid Clyth16C23/04/2020JimApplied
New Caithness seastack Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR. Magic spot etc
1266819613 (New)The Stacks16C23/04/2020JimApplied
New Caithness seastack Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR. 100' contour
ring on Six inch. OS_M 30+.
1266719612 (New)Madadh Gruamach24C23/04/2020JimApplied
New Lewis seastack Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR. GMM spot
1266613759Eggerness Hill27B23/04/2020JimApplied
Adding alternative summit. JNSA [Row 28034]. No LIDAR. 48m
spot may not be at summit
1266519611 (New)The Ladions2222/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump on Yell. JNSA. No LIDAR
1266419562Sampford Hill4022/04/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17045. LIDAR.
1266319610 (New)Hillfield Crescent26A22/04/2020JimApplied
New Fife Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin NT 12597 82994 grass. Col
on M90 N'bound.
1266219609 (New)Kirkhill12B22/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump in Invernesshire. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin NH 54994
1266119608 (New)An t-Eilean Meadhoin10D21/04/2020JimApplied
New Freshwater Tump & SIB island in Loch Morar. JNSA. No
LIDAR. Loch height in 1862 is 30.6' which is 9.4m above
1266019607 (New)King's Seat Hill26A21/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Clackmannan. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin NS 90656 91966,
1265917452Massingham Heath3921/04/2020JimApplied
Tump relocated to Harpley Hill (see previous CR). JNSA.
LIDAR. Change linked to GR update ref 17044. CC: changed
class to Un
1265819606 (New)Harpley Hill3921/04/2020JimApplied
New Norfolk Tump to replace 17452 Massingham Heath. JNSA.
LIDAR. Garmin TF 78950 26816 Obs: summit in the Square
Plantation on Brink Hill at TF 75782 20830 is about as high.
Slightly higher locations at TF 79236 27022, TF 79012 26748,
TF 78795 22839, TF 78443 22896 & TF 77178 23841 have all had
their height increased by human intervention
1265719605 (New)Cnoc Loch na Creige Moire19B20/04/2020JimApplied
New Knapdale Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. 342' spot height on old
maps. Garmin NR 79931 90593
1265615580Coed Penrhyn-Mawr31A20/04/2020CCApplied
LIDAR update. 1:25k assumed missing contours as shown for
Ynys-fach to SW, see previous CR. Location agrees with GPS
submission. Renaming.
1265519604 (New)Bar Hill27C20/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Galloway. JNSA. LIDAR. Alternative col location
at NX 8436 6130 is of equal height. Col links to 13619
Culloch Hill. Summit NX 83867 62129 Garmin.
1265419603 (New)Ynys-fach31A20/04/2020JimApplied
New Dovey estuary Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SN 66848 95145.
1:25k deficient, 100ft contours on 6in map agree with LIDAR.
Name from old map.
1265311980Knowe of Burgarth2219/04/2020JimApplied
Shetland 680m relocation. Renaming. JNSA. LIDAR. Change
linked to GR update ref 17040. Ditch at col - no decimal.
Jim to notify loggers.
1265218967Ynys Hir30B18/04/2020JimApplied
Relocation. JNSA [Row 28734]. LIDAR probably had better 'cut
through' the tree cover than the Trimble. Not giving summit
decimal. Separate GR Update. Renamed from old map and 1:25K.
1265119602 (New)Tom Ard19A18/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Argyll. JNSA. LIDAR. Trig FB 124.751. Garmin NM
88211 33056 trig pillar
1265010185Quiraing East Peak17A18/04/2020JimApplied
Quiraing overhaul name tweak
1264919601 (New)Court Hill26A18/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump in North Lanarkshire. JNSA. LIDAR. Name from old
map. Garmin NS 72419 77553 N side of Courthill Crescent
1264816798Birch Hill3618/04/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17039. LIDAR summit
1264719600 (New)Bank Top3618/04/2020JimApplied
1020m relocation of 16687 Beacon Hill (40 logs). JNSA.
LIDAR. garmin/obs see 16687
1264616687Beacon Hill3618/04/2020JimApplied
Tump status transferred to Bank Top - see next CR. JNSA.
LIDAR. Change linked to GR update ref 17038. [GR6 should
self correct when processed]
1264517961Long Hill4117/04/2020JimApplied
Adding alternative summit. JNSA. Compromised LIDAR.
1264419599 (New)Pant-llwyd31C17/04/2020JimApplied
Dodd relocation. JNSA. LIDAR. This is the original location
of the Dewey. Garmin SN 83445 70643
126433485Pant-llwyd (old GR)31C17/04/2020JimApplied
Dodd/Dewey replaced, see next CR. JNSA. LIDAR. Separate GR
126426846The Cathedral17A17/04/2020CCApplied
Col tweak. Possibility of summit >500m, maps conflict.
1264110150The Needle17A17/04/2020CCApplied
Quiraing overhaul. Height estimated from photos
1264019597 (New)Quiraing Centre Peak South17A17/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump on Skye. Quiraing overhaul.
1263919596 (New)Quiraing Centre Peak17A17/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump on Skye. Quiraing overhaul.
1263819595 (New)Quiraing North Peak17A17/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump on Skye. Quiraing overhaul. Subsequently also JNSA
[Row 7160]
1263719598 (New)Stac a' Filiscleitir24A17/04/2020JimApplied
New tidal sea stack Tump on Lewis's E coast. JNSA [29074]
DSM LIDAR. Stack unnamed on maps. Name from old settlement
650m W. Garmin NB 56199 57434
1263619594 (New)Meikle Dumeath21B16/04/2020JimApplied
New sea stack tump S of Peterhead. JNSA [row 28697]. DSM
LIDAR. Garmin NK 12306 40380
126355431The Verne4116/04/2020CCApplied
Update from 2017 LIDAR at 50cm resolution. Col unchanged
from 2015.
1263417169Halesend Wood38B16/04/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17033. JNSA. Relocation 600m
to S summit, 4m higher in LIDAR though contradicted by
1:25k. Tree interference judged insufficiently severe to
reject relocation.
1263319593 (New)Tootop Wood35A15/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump. JNSA [21644] LIDAR. Summit in trees. Not giving
summit GR10
1263217197Blakeney Hill38B15/04/2020CCApplied
Adding alternative summit and LIDAR col. JNSA. Summits too
heavily afforested to separate.
1263111460Beinn Ghibeach20B14/04/2020SEApplied
Name correction spotted by Darren Giddins
126307704Great Blacklaw Hill35A14/04/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17021. LIDAR, relocation to S
Summit. Heights are very close, the S summit has the most
GPS submissions and is marginally the highest. The old
summit has the fewest submissions and is the lowest.
126293503Cripiau South Top31C14/04/2020CCApplied
LIDAR at summit. Col derived from line surveyed drop.
1262819591 (New)Inverawe Woods Hill03C14/04/2020JimApplied
New Argyll Tump. JNSA. LIDAR at summit. Summit and col in
trees and hill not marginal. Retrieval of LIDAR data
unjustified (JNSA 93.78 NN 02202 31942).
1262711884Clubb of Tronister2214/04/2020JimApplied
adding new alternative summit. JNSA. No LIDAR
1262619572Kingston Hill28A13/04/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17020. Update from Phase III
LIDAR. Col location vague.
1262519590 (New)Rudgewood Hill38A13/04/2020JimApplied
New Shropshire Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SO 68068 99348
1262419589 (New)Balcarres Craig26A13/04/2020JimApplied
New Fife Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR. Old 6 inch map telling. Col
<300 ft. Benchmark on summit tower at 405.3 ft.
1262319588 (New)Goitre Coed32C13/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Taff Vale. JNSA. LIDAR. Summit ST 09190 96521
1262216427Wooley Hill35A13/04/2020JimApplied
Tump relocated (see CR12620). JNSA. LIDAR. Name typo. CC:
Correcting class to Un and adding comment
1262113072Seafield Hill26A13/04/2020JimApplied
Adding alternative summit in Comments. JNSA. No LIDAR
1262019587 (New)Brandon Hill35A12/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump to replace 16427 Woolley Hill. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin
NZ 20531 40007
1261918394Bayley's Hill4212/04/2020JimApplied
Demotion. See previous CR. JNSA. LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17019
1261819586 (New)Wheatsheaf Hill4212/04/2020JimApplied
Replacement Tump for 18394 Bayley's Hill. JNSA. LIDAR. Name
from road. Garmin TQ 49018 51604. Obs: summit 300m WNW at TQ
48711 51719 is 0.9m lower
1261719585 (New)Creag a' Chaobh12A12/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump down Strathfarrar. JNSA, no LIDAR. Reconciling
difference between 1:25k and OS Maps photogrammetry at col
1261618707The Brough2311/04/2020JimApplied
Deleted Tump. OS_M and Geo show attached to Stronsay and not
a separate island. No LIDAR.
1261519584 (New)West Downs4011/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Cornwall. JNSA. LIDAR. Summit SX SX 02499 64113
1261419583 (New)Margett's Hill3911/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SP 09449 34554
1261319582 (New)Westgate Hill3611/04/2020JimApplied
New Bradford Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR. Original col left intact
by construction of M606 but then destroyed by levelling to
construct the Prologis Park (now on M606).
1261219581 (New)Dumbuck Hill West26A10/04/2020JimApplied
New W Dumbartonshire Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin NS 41892
74613. Col DTM 94.6m, no break in trees. Summit trees less
12611HY580402Grey Head Stack2310/04/2020JimRejected
Not a new tidal seastack Tump off E coast of Calf of Eday.
Aerial photography not supportive of OS_M detail. JNSA. No
LIDAR. Stack mistaken for natural arch. Probably a bird.
1261019580 (New)High Hill3910/04/2020JimApplied
New Worcestershire Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SP 03999 76230
Obs: High Hill at SP 03364 76634 is 0.2m lower; Cofton
Common at SP 01594 76610 is 1.3m lower
1260919579 (New)Hobberlaw Quarry3309/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump on Alnwick Moor. JNSA. LIDAR. Summit NU 17233 11940
1260819578 (New)Crane Field Hill35B09/04/2020JimApplied
New N Yks Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR
1260719559Dundurn Hill01B09/04/2020CCApplied
correcting GR
1260618153Milverton Heath4109/04/2020JimApplied
Relocation. JNSA. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update ref
1260519577 (New)Corbie Knowe28B09/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump. JNSA. LIDAR at col. Conflicting summit heights,
see emails.
1260419592 (New)Barrel Buttress16E08/04/2020JimApplied
New Subsimm in Assynt. JNSA. No LIDAR
1260319576 (New)Cnoc a' Loch an Fhir Mhaoil19B08/04/2020JimApplied
New Kintyre Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR
col twk
126012085Erw y Ddafad-ddu30E07/04/2020CCApplied
col twk
126002122Llechwedd Du30E07/04/2020CCApplied
Col twk, OS Maps reading maybe 1m lower
1259912452Cleiteichean Ochain24A07/04/2020JimApplied
700m relocation. JNSA. Terrain 50 and Geograph/Magic spot
coincide to support observation by 2016 logs. 25K missing
110m contour. Renaming. All loggers visited new top.
1259819575 (New)Beinn a' Theine19B07/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump on Sanda. JNSA. No LIDAR
1259719574 (New)Owermoigne Down4106/04/2020JimApplied
New Dorset Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR.
1259619572 (New)Kingston Hill28A06/04/2020JimApplied
New East Lothian Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR. Complex col at NT
5662 8405 (or 220m N).
1259519571 (New)Cnoc a' Loch Shalaich24A06/04/2020JimApplied
New Lewis Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR. Stream indicates col is
lower, and further S, than might be anticipated.
1259419570 (New)Torr Chruidh09B06/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump in Monadh Liath. JNSA. No LIDAR
1259319569 (New)Cam Peak3905/04/2020JimApplied
New Cotswold Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin ST 76784 99159
1259219568 (New)Haugh35B05/04/2020JimApplied
New N Yks Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SE 05857 59654
1259119567 (New)Rowbar Hill3705/04/2020JimApplied
New N Yks Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin NZ 59888 09514. Col in
railway cutting.
1259019566 (New)Dunsford Wood Hill4005/04/2020JimApplied
New Devon Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SX 78938 89035
1258919565 (New)Doune of Dalmore21A05/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR
1258819564 (New)Ketley Bank38A05/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Telford. JNSA. LIDAR. Summit man-made, col in
M54 cutting. Garmin SJ 69356 10136
125877526Corn-y-stwc [Craig Ddrwg North Top]30D05/04/2020CCApplied
correcting col GR
125862054Arenig Fawr South Top30D05/04/2020CCApplied
Update height, new spot on Geo & MM
1258519563 (New)Waspber Hill35B05/04/2020CCApplied
New Yorkshire Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SD 86642 56427
Col twk. Geo/Magic 701 spot on ancient cairn
1258319455Craig Llyn Llagi30B04/04/2020CCApplied
New 597 height on Geo & Magic. May have spotted summit rock,
looks 1m high in photo.
1258219562 (New)Sampford Hill4004/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump in Devon. JNSA. No LIDAR. Old 1:10,560 map gives
501' at col and 601' near summit (P30.48)
col twk OS_Maps
adding Comment. JNSA. LIDAR on main summit.
1257919561 (New)Cathar na Seilge04A04/04/2020JimApplied
New Lochaber Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR.
1257819560 (New)Stack of Ulbster16C04/04/2020JimApplied
New Caithness sea stack Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR
125778163Kindrochet Hill01B04/04/2020JimApplied
See previous CR
1257619559 (New)Dundurn Hill01B04/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump in Perthshire. JNSA. No LIDAR. Pinching name from
Un 8163.
1257519558 (New)Trerank Moor4003/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump, JNSA. LIDAR. Reclaimed spoil heap, completely
landscaped. Garmin SW 97790 59224
1257418724The Vro4003/04/2020CCApplied
Tellus LIDAR. Ground too uneven at col for decimal, DSM poss
distorted by waves/seabirds. DTM useless. Max tidal range
1257318741Mullion Island4003/04/2020CCApplied
Tellus LIDAR
1257219557 (New)Fox Hill3903/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SP 56998 61067. Col loc and
precise height unclear.
1257119556 (New)Coombs Wood Hill35A03/04/2020JimApplied
New Cumbrian Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Summit in trees (no
decimal), old trig 600ft. Garmin NY 51028 45096
125702017Ysgafell Wen North Top30B03/04/2020CCApplied
Col increase from OS_M. Tiny contour is 640m on Topo 1:25k,
contours agree. 669m spot on 1:50k is an air height; old
maps have 668ft trig. Marginal qualifier.
1256919555 (New)Snodhill Castle38B03/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SO 32256 40379
1256819554 (New)Cnoc a Chlarsair12A03/04/2020JimApplied
New Highland Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR.
1256718723Lion Rock4002/04/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 16987. Tellus LIDAR. Tidal
nature confirmed by satellite images.
1256619553 (New)Lingber Hill35B02/04/2020JimApplied
New North Yorks Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SD 87165 57211
Cornish island, P28.9 Tellus LIDAR
1256419552 (New)The Tors3602/04/2020JimApplied
New Derbyshire Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SK 34877 53592
1256319551 (New)Foel Fryniau30D02/04/2020JimApplied
New Welsh Tump. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SH 63328 30666
1256210775Garbh Cruach19A02/04/2020JimApplied
Relocation. JNSA. No LIDAR. Leaving summit name unaltered
(?) Geograph MM gives a 394 spot (highest of 3), cf 396 on
25K. Col tweak (OS_M). Jim to inform holder of the single
1256119550 (New)Torr na h-Insse10B02/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump in Knoydart. JNSA. No LIDAR. Geograph 64m spot
supported by old 208.9'(+0.3') trig = 63.8m. Magic Maps has
1256018702Dudley Castle3902/04/2020JimApplied
Topo Map (see Sedgley Beacon file - pic01) shows clearly
that Severn/Trent watershed passes 350m S of summit. Hill
resides wholly in Trent catchment.
1255917283Wren's Nest3902/04/2020JimApplied
Topo Map (see Sedgley Beacon file) shows clearly that
Severn/Trent watershed passes 650m S of summit. Hill resides
wholly in Trent catchment
125585562Sedgley Beacon (boundary)3901/04/2020JimApplied
Minor height tweak from LIDAR
1255719549 (New)Sedgley Beacon3901/04/2020JimApplied
New Dudley Tump 40m W of hill 5562. JNSA. LIDAR. Garmin SO
92291 94393
1255619548 (New)Chatto Craig28B01/04/2020JimApplied
New Northumberland Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR
1255519547 (New)Pulworthy Hill4001/04/2020JimApplied
New Somerset Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR. Geograph spot height fits
OS_M summit contour. Close map correlation at col.
1255419546 (New)Tom a' Mhullaich09B01/04/2020JimApplied
New Highland Tump. JNSA. No LIDAR.
1255314122Tippet Knowe28A01/04/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. LIDAR.
1255219545 (New)Fauldhouse Bing28A01/04/2020CCApplied
New Tump (bing) replacing 14122 Tippet Knowe. JNSA. LIDAR.
Garmin n.f. NS 91583 61940
1255119544 (New)Dun Ormidale19A01/04/2020JimApplied
New Tump in Argyll. JNSA. No LIDAR.