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Change no.Hill no.Hill nameSectionReq. dateByStatusDescription
1309817689Reedy Hill4013/07/2020JimRevised
Tump deletion. JNSA 20929. 1m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17544. CC: adding col GR8
1309717595Deveral Common4013/07/2020JimRequested
Tump deletion. JNSA 17536, 1m LIDAR
1309617614Viverdon Down4011/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 18308. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17542. Large flat col area.
1309518334Fleet Hill4111/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 26957. Change linked to GR update ref
1309419731 (New)Craig Murrail North Top19A11/07/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Argyll. From SRTM dataset; new spot.
1309313482White Hill of Terregles27C11/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. Poor LIDAR resolution at conifered summit.
JNSA 18013. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR update ref 17540
1309218515Butcher's Cross4211/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 21732. 1m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17539. CC: col tweak
Update. JNSA 13857. 2m LIDAR, DTM has removed earthwork.
Change linked to GR update ref 17538.
1309017424Morton Hill3910/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 23697. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17537
1308910977Creag Bhainneach19A10/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 16377. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17532
1308815246Cefn Byrhedyn31A10/07/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 14190. 1m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17531
1308716419Greymare Hill35A10/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 13736. LIDAR. Summit S of covered
1308619025Halton Hill3609/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 24299. 1m LIDAR. Road covers natural
col. Change linked to GR update ref 17528
1308513839Killpallet Rig28A09/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 8367. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17527
Changing heights to fit 2m LIDAR. DSM suggests mound is
P29.95 but inadequate resolution makes deletion too risky.
JNSA 16417.
1308317979Bickingcott Hill4009/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 14645. 1m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17526
1308219730 (New)Braunton Burrows4009/07/2020JimApplied
New Devon Tump. Well consolidated and stable sand dune. JNSA
28272. LIDAR. Garmin SS 45435 34687. Obs: dune at SS 45181
34858 is 0.6m lower
1308119441Tormollan Hill27B09/07/2020JimApplied
Adding col data and reducing to P30. JNSA 15251 suggests
P29.8 but summit conifers thick. Hill lower than 13404
Kenick Hill. 50cm LIDAR (previously 2m). Change linked to GR
update ref 17525
1308019729 (New)Cuck Hill4109/07/2020JimApplied
New Somerset Tump. JNSA 15766. No LIDAR.
1307918997Todholes Hill27C08/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 7399. LIDAR 50cm. Minor road goes over
natural col. Change linked to GR update ref 17516
1307816831Canklow Wood3608/07/2020CCApplied
Name error spotted by Henry Marston. Wood (singular) on old
maps and local information boards.
1307717258Old Hills38B08/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 27073. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17515
1307617789Trenerry Hill4008/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 23904. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17514
1307519005Mount Skep28A08/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 10249. LIDAR 50cm.
1307419119Philpstoun Bing North28A07/07/2020CCApplied
Col adj. LIDAR height taken on N towpath.
1307318965Philpstoun Bing South28A07/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. Col LIDAR. JNSA 23950.
1307217203Lizard Hill38A07/07/2020JimApplied
Adding col detail. Prefer ground surveyed height on 1:25k &
1986-90 1:10k to DTM 149.8m in dense tree cover. JNSA 21512.
2m LIDAR. Change linked to GR update ref 17506
1307113031Blairlinnans Strip26A07/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 21532. 1m LIDAR.
1307016076Quarry Hill3307/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 22458. LIDAR. P29.93. Natural col on
road c.0.5m high. DTM summit 3cm higher but may be
130691936Goseland Hill28B07/07/2020JimApplied
Adding col detail (note Comment). JNSA 8715. LIDAR.
1306817906Gweal Hill4007/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 28893. LIDAR
1306714068Cow Castle28B07/07/2020JimApplied
Adding LIDAR decimals & col position. JSNA 12879.
Tump deletion. JNSA 13195. LIDAR 50cm. Change linked to GR
update ref 17505
1306517678Bynorth Cliff4006/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 20558. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17504
1306413354Holm Hill27C06/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 14004. LIDAR 50cm. Change linked to GR
update ref 17502
1306313086Gubber Hill26A06/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 26804. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17501
1306218994Collin Hags28B05/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 15683. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17476
Tump deletion. JNSA 15855. 2m LIDAR on rock. Change linked
to GR update ref 17474
130602880Hangingstone Hill4005/07/2020CCApplied
Col swap with 2879. JNSA 4968
130592879Cut Hill4005/07/2020CCApplied
LIDAR col, swap with 2880. JNSA 4981
1305813359Craig of Grobdale27B05/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 14086. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17473
1305718601Ladwell Hill4205/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 25758. 1m LIDAR.
1305611231Creagan Iubhar19A05/07/2020GJApplied
Revised height from OS Maps and Magic Map drawn to our
attention by Ian walter
130559321Church Hill15B05/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 18029. 1m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17472
13054560Fiacaill na Leth-choin08A05/07/2020CCApplied
col update from 1:25k
1305313414Clauchrie Hill27C05/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 15291. 50cm LIDAR in trees.
1305217247Hazeldine Hill38B04/07/2020JimApplied
Height decimals from LIDAR. JNSA 25016. Change linked to GR
update ref 17466
1305119728 (New)Waterswallows Hill3604/07/2020CCApplied
New Peak District Tump on reclaimed spoil, spotted by Chris
1305017248Ever Hill38B04/07/2020JimApplied
Confirming col allocation. Currently same height as 17247
Hazeldine Hill (2km E). Separate GRU 17470. Summit relocated
174m NW. JNSA 25320. LIDAR.
13049591Druim nam Bo08A04/07/2020CCApplied
Drop update, est 5m from alda visit. Col GR from RHW.
1304818660Moel Goedol30B04/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 22140. 1m LIDAR.
13047307Carn Beag Dearg04A04/07/2020CCApplied
Adopting 1010m summit. Change linked to GR update ref 17464.
1304617261Berth Hill38B04/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 27794. 1m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17463
Tump deletion. JNSA 14401. 50cm LIDAR.
1304416029Middleton Dean Hill3303/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 16930. LIDAR.
1304318890Wolsdon Hill4003/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 26019. LIDAR. Scraesdon Fort (the JNSA
summit) not in contention. Change linked to GR update ref
1304214058Ven Law28A03/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 12592. 50cm LIDAR (DTM incorporates part
of cairn). Change linked to GR update ref 17460
1304116270Bell Hill34D03/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 22207. LIDAR (using DSM at summit)
1304016469Crier Hill35B03/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 20449 Change linked to GR update ref
1303914207Newfield Hill28B03/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 16456. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17456
1303814283Parkley Hill28A02/07/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 21870. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17455
130372824Longridge Fell [Spire Hill]3602/07/2020CCApplied
Adding summit name, appears on all old and new maps at
larger scales than 1:50k. Thanks to Douglas Law.
1303619727 (New)Nan Hill34D02/07/2020JimApplied
New Tump to replace 16339 Gutterby Banks. JNSA 27694. LIDAR.
Col position revised (email). Garmin SD 10985 83808
1303516339Gutterby Banks34D02/07/2020JimApplied
Transferring Tump status to Nan Hill - see next CR. JNSA
27694. LIDAR.
1303418029Hone Hill4002/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 16568. Change linked to GR update ref
1303316352Colloway Hill3602/07/2020JimApplied
Summit decimal and col tweak. JNSA 28752. LIDAR.
1303218236Woodend Park4001/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 22746. LIDAR 1m.
1303117954Barton Hill4001/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 13022. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17443
1303016304Butharlyp Howe34B01/07/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 24423. LIDAR.
130295791An t-Sron01D30/06/2020JimApplied
alda survey. Change linked to GR update ref 17442
130283960Am Fireach01C30/06/2020JimApplied
alda resurvey (2013 survey had low quality data - see
deleted Comment). Change linked to GR update ref 17441
1302717821St Winnow Hill4030/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 24572. LIDAR.
130262952The Cobbler South Peak01D30/06/2020JimApplied
Simm deletion. alda survey. Change linked to GR update ref
1302519665Stob Leathad a' Mhadaidh05A30/06/2020JimApplied
alda survey. Change linked to GR update ref 17439
1302419664Meall nan Ruag02A30/06/2020JimApplied
New Simm. alda survey. Change linked to GR update ref 17438
1302318438Argos Hill4230/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion with relocation to alt summit 220m W. JNSA
19189. LIDAR 1m. Change linked to GR update ref 17437
Tump deletion. JNSA 15918. 2m LIDAR. DTM height 245.3 but
might include some of the hedge/wall. Change linked to GR
update ref 17436
1302114555Pen y Farchwel30E29/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 12271. 2m LIDAR. (summit outcrop - using
DSM - drop rounds up). Typo in old Col GR6. Change linked to
GR update ref 17435
130203527Twr Pen-cyrn [Mynydd Llangatwg]32A29/06/2020CCApplied
removing Dewey classification
1301916677Luzley Brows3629/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 14633. 1m LIDAR.
1301815084Carneddau SE Top31B28/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 10665. 2m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17433
Tump deletion. JNSA 25144. 1m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17429
1301617472Windy Ridge3928/06/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion and relocation. JNSA 26750. LIDAR. Change
linked to GR update ref 17428
1301515810Pen Coed y Polyn32A28/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 20191. LIDAR 2m. Change linked to GR
update ref 17427
1301417209Charlton Hill38A28/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 21864. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17426
1301314081Hare Hill28A27/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 12893. LIDAR 50cm. DTM 314.3 but might
include part of wall. Change linked to GR update ref 17425
1301217547Draynes Common4027/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 14201. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17424
1301113681Kiln Hill27B26/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 24391. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17423
1301019726 (New)Darlton Quarry3626/06/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Peak District. JNSA 15395. LIDAR. Garmin SK
21330 75803. Natural ground on Watergrove Sough Trail, hill
created by quarrying.
1300919725 (New)Fenacre Knap4026/06/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Devon. JNSA 21380. LIDAR. Garmin ST 06655 17681
edge of quarry. Natural ground, S of original summit.
1300817575Ideford Common4026/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 16519. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17422
1300711272Barr Cruinn19A26/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 25699. 1m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17421
1300613563Barsolis Hill27C25/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 20145. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17414
JNSA 13169. LIDAR update. Change linked to GR update ref 0.
1300413655Cullinaw Hill27C24/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 23068. 50cm LIDAR
1300313725Lenrohmas Hill27B24/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 26027. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17410
1300213327Brackenridge Hill27A24/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 13114. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17409
Tump deletion. JNSA 21821. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17408
1300014666Dinas Mawr30C23/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion with relocation to alternative. JNSA 15377.
LIDAR. Change linked to GR update ref 17407
1299918888Aptor Hill4023/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 21272. LIDAR. NW col is higher.
1299819724 (New)Coed Craig-yr-hesg32C23/06/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Glamorgan. JNSA 18156. LIDAR. Original summit
destroyed. Garmin ST 07592 91495 wood at quarry edge, alt
summit 70m SE at ST 07648 91453 is of equal height
1299713927Deans Hill28A23/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 10044. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17406
1299617903Shipman Head4022/06/2020JimApplied
Unexplained drop discrepancy
1299516031Kay Hill3322/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 17309. LIDAR in trees at summit. Change
linked to GR update ref 17395
129948468White Hill07B21/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 21395. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17391
1299318902Allt Dan-ty-mawr31C21/06/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17390. LIDAR update. JNSA
12992119Meall Garbh (old GR)02A21/06/2020JimApplied
alda survey. Change linked to GR update ref 17389
12991127Meall Luaidhe02A21/06/2020JimApplied
alda summit survey. Change linked to GR update ref 17388
1299016005Garleigh Hill3321/06/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17387. LIDAR update following
site visit. DTM has failed to remove cairn.
1298916939Hob Hill3721/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 24776. LIDAR. Higher unnatural ground
would still only be P29.7. Change linked to GR update ref
1298813545Round Hill27C21/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 19806. Summit and col in trees. Change
linked to GR update ref 17385
129878936Torr a' Chleibh12B21/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 14908. LIDAR. DSM at summit outcrop. Col
shift. Change linked to GR update ref 17384
1298619198Brodsworth Hill3720/06/2020JimApplied
Adding summit LIDAR decimal. JNSA 26342. No LIDAR at col.
Change linked to GR update ref 17383
1298513686Raith Hill27A20/06/2020JimApplied
Adding LIDAR summit details - incomplete coverage at col.
JNSA 24435 has different col. 1m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17382
1298419608An t-Eilean Meadhoin10D20/06/2020JimApplied
Forgot to add island status.
1298317831Rame Head4020/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 24961. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17381
Tump deletion. JNSA 20824. LIDAR. Summit not found. Leaving
existing, uncontentious summit GR10 unchanged and
1298117580Gormain Hill4020/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 16975. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17380
129808636Laiken Brae09A20/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 25703. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17379 CC: adding Comment
1297913669Craiglarie Fell27B20/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 23586. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17377
1297811787Hill of Wrae21B19/06/2020JimApplied
Hill named on GMM - spotted by Lindsay Munro.
1297710851Cnoc Scammadale19A19/06/2020JimApplied
Summit relocation following site visit by Lindsay Munro.
GMM/Magic & OS Terrain/JNSA supportive. Change linked to GR
update ref 17376 - GR10 temporary
1297611933Tansie Knowes2219/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 24570. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17373
1297514237Pease Dean Hill28A19/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 17432. 50cm LIDAR. Col GR6 only - in a
flat bumpy area. Change linked to GR update ref 17372
1297411822Hilton Hill21B19/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 26393. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17371
1297313554Doon Hill27C19/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 20252. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17370. Rounding down col height to avoid drop
Tump deletion. JNSA 14207. 50cm LIDAR. Col on railway
(alternative 30m SW is 6cm higher). Change linked to GR
update ref 17369
1297111899Hill of Griesta2219/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 23691. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17368
1297018843Eilean Caol Heisgeir24A19/06/2020JimApplied
Summit rock pillar collapsed since 2007. Tump deletion. JNSA
29269. LIDAR
1296918844Eilean a Muigh Heisgeir24A19/06/2020JimApplied
Adding LIDAR height. JNSA 28796. Change linked to GR update
ref 17366
1296819594Meikle Dumeath21B19/06/2020JimApplied
Not tidal
LIDAR details following creation of 19715 Twarri Field to
avoid col discrepancy (on paper only). Separate GRUpdate.
1296619663Warham Salt Marsh - East3918/06/2020JimApplied
Oops - col height greater than zero.
Tump deletion. JNSA 15777. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17363
1296417125Rough Hill38B17/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 18177. 1m LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17362
1296316334Scarbarrow Hill34D17/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 27093. LIDAR
1296219228Old Lindley Moor3617/06/2020JimApplied
Adding decimals, col GR8. JNSA 13971. DTM LIDAR. Original
col extant. Change linked to GR update ref 17361
Tump deletion. JNSA 13473. 50cm LIDAR. Trees at col. Change
linked to GR update ref 17360
1296011772Tom an Urie21A17/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 21226. 1m LIDAR. Trees at summit. Change
linked to GR update ref 17359
1295913077North Birkhill26A17/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 25866. LIDAR (trees at summit and col).
Drop discrepancy intentional. Change linked to GR update ref
1295818846Eilean Glas Cuilatotar24A17/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 29401. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17356
1295718579Ribs Down4216/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 25103. LIDAR (trees at summit).
undecimalised summit height. Change linked to GR update ref
1295614173Redpath Hill28A16/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 15485. 50cm LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17354
1295514576Craig Arthbry30C16/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 12852. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17353
1295417661High Down4016/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 20032. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17352
129538176Shannoch Hill01C16/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 26708. 50cm LIDAR at col only. Magic,
OS_M, GMM & OS Terrain all contradict the 25K summit height
by 5m.
1295212988Coultra Hill26A16/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 19771. 1m LIDAR at col only. 178m height
probably from 584ft trig
1295119723 (New)Torr Wood07B15/06/2020JimApplied
New marginal Tump in Aberdeenshire. JNSA 24504. 1m LIDAR.
Garmin NO 03599 88628
129508270Meall na Coille Moire04A15/06/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. Original col extant on OS_M at 316m. Spotted
by alda.
129494320Sgurr na h-Eige11A15/06/2020JimApplied
lowering col to fit OS_M. Spotted by alda.
12948852An Socach East Top11A15/06/2020JimApplied
Name change from alda. More East than North.
129476406Ruighe na Beinne10C15/06/2020JimApplied
typo - spotted by alda
129467285Holehouse Hill27C15/06/2020JimApplied
Reclassification. JNSA 9827. 50cm LIDAR. Examined because it
might surrender its Subhump status to Minnygap Height. DTM
highpoint under a tree - prefer point where DTM=DSM 1.7m
from existing GPSGR10 position
1294519722 (New)Minnygap Height27C15/06/2020JimApplied
New Dumfries & Galloway Tump. JNSA 9802. 50cm LIDAR. Garmin
NY 02143 96588
1294413417Slogarie Hill27B14/06/2020JimApplied
Subhump promotion. JNSA 15514. 50cm LIDAR. Trig point in
clearing is c1.7m NE so not impacting LIDAR height.
1294313248Ben John27B13/06/2020JimApplied
Subhump promotion. JNSA 11409. 50cm LIDAR. Large cairn on
1294214222Brunt Hill28A13/06/2020CCApplied
New Subhump. JNSA 16942. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17343
1294118665Pen y Foel31C13/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 24244. LIDAR
1294013912William Law28A13/06/2020JimApplied
New Subhump. JNSA 9831. 1m LIDAR
1293916753Hardwick Hill3613/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 18220. LIDAR (tree at col). Change
linked to GR update ref 17342
1293816446Barnard Castle Hill35A13/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 18018. LIDAR
1293719675 (New)Craigmore Hill (Yeaman summit)27C12/06/2020CCApplied
Separating the Yeaman from hill 7289. LIDAR. Original
location of the Tump. Garmin NX 91734 73610
129367289Craigmore Hill27C12/06/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17341. LIDAR. Yeaman moved to
separate hill
1293515190Cefn Lladron31B12/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 12811. LIDAR
1293417811Castle Hill4012/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 24403. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17340
129337365Scawdmans Hill28B12/06/2020JimApplied
Subhump promotion. JNSA 5448. 50cm LIDAR.
1293214744Pant Eidal30F12/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA18222. LIDAR (flown with trees at col).
Change linked to GR update ref 17339
129312928Thornthwaite Crag North Top34C11/06/2020CCApplied
Col twk. Not named by Sy and B&L - both have bracketed
reference to being N of TC
129302753Black Hill35A11/06/2020CCApplied
Col twk
129297287Marscalloch Hill27C11/06/2020CCApplied
Subhump deletion. LIDAR. JNSA 10368. Change linked to GR
update ref 17337.
129282247Hay Bluff32A11/06/2020CCApplied
Col GR tweak. Leaving height to align with Nuttalls'
surveyed 11m drop
129272567Harrop Pike34C11/06/2020CCApplied
LIDAR col only. The only Nuttall not in JNSA.
129262254Black Mountain South Top32A11/06/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17336. JNSA 4271. LIDAR.
Potential Nuttall deletion.
129252809Higher Shelf Stones3611/06/2020CCApplied
JNSA 4614. Only 2m data LIDAR at summit. Trig FB 621.5m so
potential Subsimm.
129242246Waun Lefrith32A11/06/2020CCApplied
LIDAR update. JNSA 3550.
1292317280Beacon Hill3911/06/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17335. LIDAR confirms lower
than Bald Hill and natural col extant.
129225386Bald Hill3911/06/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17334. LIDAR confirms higher
than hill 17280 Beacon Hill. No LIDAR at col.
129215414Great Hill4011/06/2020JimApplied
Hump replaced by 17656 Haccombe Cross. JNSA 19509. LIDAR
Tump deletion. JNSA 19459. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17332
1291917656Haccombe Cross4011/06/2020JimApplied
Promoted to Hump status to replace 5414 Great Hill where
highest natural ground is lower. JNSA 19757. LIDAR
129187483Cademuir Fort28B10/06/2020JimApplied
Subhump demotion. JNSA 9649. LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17331
1291718549Cleave Hill4210/06/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 23028. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17330
Subhump demotion. JNSA 21068. LIDAR.
129155531Ports Down (boundary) [Fort Southwick]4210/06/2020CCApplied
Disassociating the Tump and Clem. LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17329. Treating the fort as a building.
1291419622 (New)Ports Down4210/06/2020CCApplied
Separating the Tump from the Hampshire & Portsmouth County
Top, hill 5531. Garmin SU 62645 06943 ground c.15m E of
concrete track
1291313082Douglas Park26A10/06/2020CCApplied
LIDAR update, col swap with new Tump Crow Hill
1291219721 (New)Crow Hill26A10/06/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Dunbartonshire. JNSA 26051. LIDAR. Garmin NS
56836 72626 edge of copse. Col taken from hill 13082
129117168Barscube Hill27A09/06/2020JimApplied
Adding LIDAR data. Original col probably extant in road next
to reservoir retaining embankment. JNSA 18667.
1291016309Blawith Hill34D09/06/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 24657. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17323 (rounding down to avoid drop discrepancy) CC:
adding comment
1290916632Billinge Hill3609/06/2020CCApplied
Relocation 240m ESE. JNSA 12485. LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17322.
129086110Knock of Formal07A09/06/2020JimApplied
Marginal subhump demotion. JNSA 11428. LIDAR. No trees
1290714841Moel y Gadair30A08/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 27028. LIDAR col.
1290619508Hare Hill35A08/06/2020CCApplied
Update from 2019 LIDAR, previously summit only. Col in JNSA
20275 is on embankment. Natural col extant; alternative col
at NZ 3660 4064 is 7cm lower.
1290514971Aberedw Hill North Top31B07/06/2020JimApplied
Height adj
129045842Sron nan Calamag [Coille Mhor]02A07/06/2020JimApplied
Subhump demotion. JNSA 11014. LIDAR
1290319720 (New)Gartcarron Hill East Top26A07/06/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Stirlingshire on the main watershed. JNSA 12887.
LIDAR. Garmin NS 65673 84889. Summit and col in forest.
1290219719 (New)Hill of Chattie21A06/06/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Aberdeenshire. JNSA 24100. LIDAR. Summit and col
both in forestry. Garmin NJ 58776 62121
1290118342Blacknoll Hill4105/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 27268. LIDAR.
Tump deletion. JNSA 24997. LIDAR.
1289918927Pen Lletty-meirch30E05/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 13351. LIDAR.
1289817259Gadbury Bank38B05/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion and relocation. JNSA 27592. LIDAR. Change
linked to GR update ref 17289.
1289721007Truskmore SE cairn [Truskmore E cairn]45D05/06/2020SEApplied
Height correction. 647m is for Truskmore summit. The
Leitrim county top is 631m (info from James Steel).
1289616883Ugthorpe Moor3705/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 16527. LIDAR. LIDAR supports DoBIH GR10.
1289519274Whinney Hill3605/06/2020CCApplied
LIDAR update. Summit expected to move north in a few years.
1289419718 (New)Sithein [Sheeans]20C05/06/2020JimApplied
New Arran Tump. JNSA 10720. LIDAR. Garmin NR 99898 32810 F:
ground c 2m SSW of trig point
1289316136How Top34A05/06/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 14426. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17288. GG: adding class
1289214679Y Garnedd30B05/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 15770. LIDAR (DSM at summit outcrop).
1289119717 (New)Pinbain Hill27B05/06/2020JimApplied
New Ayrshire Tump. JNSA 16994. LIDAR. Garmin NX 14946 92038
1289016838Norbury Hill3604/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 23971. LIDAR. Height estimated at base
of disused reservoir. CC: added Comment
1288916898West Heslerton Wold3704/06/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17287. Tump deletion. JNSA
19095. LIDAR.
1288817167Elysian Hill38A04/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 19692. LIDAR.
1288718523Windy Ridge4204/06/2020CCApplied
LIDAR update. JNSA 21918 & 21818
128867812Watership Down4204/06/2020CCApplied
LIDAR update. JNSA 16348. Original col destroyed.
1288519716 (New)Coldingham Loch Hill28A04/06/2020JimApplied
New Berwickshire Tump. JNSA 20520. LIDAR. Hill fort to N
named Coldingham Loch Fort in archives. Garmin NT 89227
1288419715 (New)Twarri Field [Mossy Hill]2204/06/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Shetland. JNSA 16821. LIDAR. Garmin HU 39600
1288318283Conygar Hill4104/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 24741. LIDAR.
1288217187Astridge Hill38B03/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 20713. LIDAR.
1288117250The Mount38B03/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 25736. LIDAR.
1288014276Castle Hill28A03/06/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17285. Relocation to SE
summit, from JNSA 21180 to 21113. LIDAR. Natural col at
current location.
1287919561Cathar na Seilge04A03/06/2020JimApplied
Typo in Parent (Ma) number generating incorrect Topo Region.
Spotted by Pete Ridges.
1287816817Stanley Hill3603/06/2020JimApplied
Tump deletion, JNSA 21812. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17284.
1287719714 (New)Finavon Fort26A03/06/2020JimApplied
New Tump in Angus. JNSA 18048. LIDAR. Garmin NO 50759 55698
1287616950Sinnington Hill3703/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 26584. LIDAR. Separate GR10 update
1287517200Red Castle38A03/06/2020CCApplied
Summit height estimated from LIDAR DSM. JNSA 21311.
1287416712Heights Barn Hill3603/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 16240. LIDAR.
1287319713 (New)Arniston Colliery Bing28A03/06/2020JimApplied
New Midlothian artificial Tump. JNSA 19392. LIDAR. Garmin NT
33786 61972
Adding a LIDAR summit position - there is a 30cm rise from
the E edge of the modern covered reservoir to this position.
JNSA 21714 (linked to 21845). Change linked to GR update ref
128715567Highwood Hill3903/06/2020JimApplied
Adding LIDAR heights. JNSA 21845. Natural ground around
covered reservoir perimeter (5566 Arkley) at TQ219956 is all
lower. Change linked to GR update ref 17279
1287019712 (New)Studdel Hills27A03/06/2020JimApplied
New Inverclyde Tump. JNSA 17262. LIDAR Garmin NS 22187
69792. O: White Hill, 950m SSW, at NS 21751 68941 is 1.7m
1286916452Brough Hill35A03/06/2020JimApplied
Adding LIDAR summit height. Insufficient data at col. JNSA
18730. Change linked to GR update ref 17278
1286817154Bright's Hill38B03/06/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 19608. LIDAR. OS contours overstate
height. Change linked to GR update ref 17277
1286718891Knoyle Hill4102/06/2020CCApplied
Tump deletion. JNSA 17263. LIDAR.
1286619711 (New)Wallace's Rig27C02/06/2020CCApplied
New Galloway Tump. JNSA 15247. LIDAR. Garmin NX 69255 83523
1286519710 (New)Dove Holes Hill3602/06/2020JimApplied
New Derbs Tump. JNSA 10480. No LIDAR. Site visit by Chris
Pearson. Good access despite proximity to quarry.
1286412730Cnoc a' Loch na Muilne24A01/06/2020JimApplied
Now on a new Multi Tump island - see previous CR. Can't find
a name (existing name now less appropriate)
1286319709 (New)Creag Mhor24A01/06/2020JimApplied
New Tump on Eilean Chaluim Chille in Loch Eireasort, Lewis.
New Multi-Tump island I127. JNSA 28628. No LIDAR. CC:
correcting col GR
1286216462Huber Hill35A01/06/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 19620. LIDAR. Change linked to GR update
ref 17256
1286118889Blue Mountain4001/06/2020JimApplied
Relocating col. Adding LIDAR heights. JNSA 21104. Change
linked to GR update ref 17255
1286019708 (New)Sandy Lane Pit3901/06/2020JimApplied
New (and first) Thurrock Tump. JNSA 28174. LIDAR. Natural
col extant. Artificial landfill hill. Garmin TQ 55752 80982
1285919707 (New)Blackwoodridge28B31/05/2020JimApplied
New Tump in Dumfries & Galloway. JNSA 22364. LIDAR. Garmin
NY 24113 76511 O: ground 17m SE of trig point
1285819706 (New)Blawquhairn Hill27C31/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Galloway. JNSA 20962. LIDAR. Garmin NX 62818
82290 pasture
1285719124Godrevy Island4031/05/2020JimApplied
Adding LIDAR height. JNSA 29198. Change linked to GR update
ref 17244
1285619676Hopewell Hill3931/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17243. Minor relocation with
height adjustment. Ground under copse may be unnatural.
Still higher than Mount Hill.
1285518112Mells Down4131/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17242. Relocation back to S
summit after RHW report
128545107Corstorphine Hill28A31/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17241. Disambiguation of
summit. LIDAR.
1285319630Blackhorse Hill4231/05/2020JimApplied
Deleting Tump added in error, previous summit identified as
artificial. Thanks to RHW. Change linked to GR update ref
1285217349Everdon Hill3930/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 19163. LIDAR. In vicinity of col some
trees are 27m tall. This may have upset the photogrammetry.
Change linked to GR update ref 17239
1285119704 (New)Ruddle Moor4030/05/2020JimApplied
New Cornish Tump. JNSA 15221. LIDAR. Garmin SX 01160 55596
1285019703 (New)Mood Law28B29/05/2020JimApplied
New Dumfries & Galloway Tump. JNSA 12502. LIDAR. Garmin NT
26885 01864 ground in firebreak O: ground 20m WSW at NT
26867 01852 may be as high or higher
1284919702 (New)Turpin's Hill3328/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Northumberland. JNSA 21370. LIDAR. Garmin NZ
10904 68572 pasture
1284819701 (New)Meall na Doire Duinne14A28/05/2020JimApplied
New Tump N of Loch Ewe.JNSA 28074. No LIDAR
1284719700 (New)Meall Bhreide17F28/05/2020JimApplied
New Coll Tump. JNSA 28075. No LIDAR. Water flows S out of
Loch Airigh Meall Bhreide. Assuming this loch is named after
the hill.
1284619699 (New)Mill Hill28A28/05/2020JimApplied
New Tump near Biggar. JNSA 14071. 0.5m LIDAR on QGIS. Garmin
NT 07001 39388
1284519698 (New)Nuthanger Hill4228/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Berkshire. JNSA 20299. LIDAR. Garmin SU 49861
58331 arable
1284419697 (New)Green Hill27A27/05/2020JimApplied
New Lanarkshire Tump. JNSA 15979. 0.5m LIDAR. Garmin NS
74742 42528. 25K 'Greer' probably a typo. 'Green' on
1284319696 (New)Collaton Hill4027/05/2020JimApplied
New Cornish Tump. JNSA 19460. LIDAR. Garmin SS 24690 09781
1284215648Cefn Llechid32A27/05/2020JimApplied
Col has been researched as part of JNSA 11745. LIDAR.
128417286Black Hill27C27/05/2020JimApplied
Adding LIDAR details. JNSA 10345. Change linked to GR update
ref 17213
128408565Cairn Cattoch09A26/05/2020SEApplied
Name correction spotted by John Smart.
128391533Ward of Scousburgh2226/05/2020JimApplied
Inherent error in col selection revealed by JNSA study of
Midi Field (see previous CR). LIDAR
128384912Midi Field2226/05/2020JimApplied
Hump demotion. JNSA 18557. QGIS LIDAR investigation. Marilyn
Parent change & col swap.
1283719695 (New)Breeches Rock28A25/05/2020CCApplied
New stack on the Berwickshire coast. JNSA 28599. Garmin NT
95650 62149
1283615564Pen Trebared31C25/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 26818. LIDAR. GR10 added separately
1283518998Hetland Hill27C25/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 20669. QGIS LIDAR analysis
1283415695Moel Twyn32A25/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 12430. LIDAR
1283319694 (New)Barntimpen Hill27C24/05/2020JimApplied
New Annandale Tump. JNSA 15243. 0.5m LIDAR in trees. Deep
drainage channels around col complicating LIDAR
interpretation. Garmin NY 05045 96626
1283219705 (New)Monadh Driseig03C24/05/2020JimApplied
New Argyll Subsimm. JNSA 4096. LIDAR. Garmin NN 11342 28252
1283118241Dean Hill4124/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 22967 suggests P22 but natural col is
extant and not on the A30 embankment. LIDAR. Change linked
to GR update ref 17207
128303527Twr Pen-cyrn [Mynydd Llangatwg]32A23/05/2020CCApplied
Dodd and Tump deletion. LIDAR. On Dewey's list, previously
1282919692 (New)Buachaille Breige04A23/05/2020JimApplied
New Lochaber Subdodd. JNSA 6793. LIDAR. Garmin NN 33617
1282817490White Tor4023/05/2020CCApplied
Adding LIDAR heights, summit DSM. JNSA 7815.
1282711782Woodhead Hill21B23/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. JNSA 21858 & 21935. Raw LIDAR. Change linked
to GR update ref 17198
1282610787Cruach nan Gearran19C22/05/2020SEApplied
Name correction spotted by John Smart
1282517812Berry Hill4022/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. OS_M fully supports raw JNSA (24418)
conclusion of P27 (rounding errors 105.4/78.61/26.82)
1282417318Henley Hill3922/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17197. Adding LIDAR heights.
1282315571Dinas Mawr31C22/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion from raw JNSA (27574) data. OS_M & logs
confirm P22.
1282218054Urchfont Hill4122/05/2020JimApplied
New Subhump. JNSA 17351. LIDAR
1282119686 (New)Broom Hill27B21/05/2020JimApplied
New Galloway Tump. JNSA 28117. LIDAR. Garmin NX 36565 56861
128207829Doddiscombsleigh Hill4021/05/2020JimApplied
Subhump demotion. JNSA 18763. LIDAR. Change linked to GR
update ref 17190
1281916162Low Heights34D21/05/2020JimApplied
New Subhump (see previous CR). JNSA 16085. LIDAR
1281817860Tregew Hill4021/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17189. JNSA 26510. Relocation
to summit 1.5m W. DTM high point 1.4m SE at SW 81782 34069
is a well.
128177898Rusland Heights34D21/05/2020JimApplied
Subhump demotion. Status (and col data) transferring to
16162 Low Heights, 1 km S, which is 1m higher (see next CR).
JNSA 16127. Using DSM height at summit where DTM has not
included summit outcrop
1281619685 (New)Swinsy Hill28A21/05/2020JimApplied
New Lanarkshire Tump. JNSA 29913. LIDAR. Garmin NS 83142
47255 CC: adding col GR8 and amending heights
128157810Easton Hill4121/05/2020CCApplied
Subhump deletion. JNSA 16131. LIDAR.
1281419684 (New)Mynydd Cynffyrch North Top31A21/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump near Machynlleth. JNSA 24506. LIDAR. Garmin SN
71210 99006
1281318446Bowden Hill3921/05/2020CCApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17187. JNSA 19318. New
1281211798Catcraig Hill21B20/05/2020JimApplied
Incorrect Catchment, drains into Ythan estuary
1281119693 (New)Beauty Hill21B20/05/2020CCApplied
New Tump in Aberdeenshire. JNSA 20350. Surveyed by DSM, no
LIDAR. Col in cutting. Garmin NJ 90822 20607
1281019691 (New)An Diollaid10B19/05/2020JimApplied
New Knoydart Subsimm. JNSA 3128. No LIDAR
1280919690 (New)Carn Dubh South Top07A19/05/2020JimApplied
New Cairngorms Subsimm. JNSA 3101. No LIDAR.
1280819689 (New)Meallan Odhar09B19/05/2020JimApplied
New Monadhliath Subsimm. JNSA 5094. No LIDAR.
1280719683 (New)Alcock's Arbour3919/05/2020JimApplied
New Warwicks Tump. JNSA 24342. LIDAR. Garmin SP 11395 56550
1280617431Oversley Wood3919/05/2020JimApplied
JNSA. Adding LIDAR col data to differentiate this col from
that in next CR (col swap unnecessary [71.56 v 71.66]). Also
LIDAR summit height
1280519688 (New)Creag Loisgte06A19/05/2020JimApplied
New Glen Tilt Subsimm. JNSA 2168. No LIDAR.
128047893Coed y Cefn [Ochr-cefn]31C18/05/2020JimApplied
Marginal Subhump - status unchanged. JNSA 11866. LIDAR.
Change linked to GR update ref 17172
1280319580High Hill3917/05/2020JimApplied
Original col found intact. Tump demotion. JNSA has col in
railway cutting. LIDAR.
1280219583Margett's Hill3917/05/2020JimApplied
Tump demotion. Buried water tank at summit position. DSM
height 203.54. Change linked to GR update ref 17171
1280119652Stand Hill3917/05/2020CCApplied
Deleting Tump added in error. Natural col extant.
1280016835Redgate Wood3717/05/2020DMApplied
Change linked to GR update ref 17170. Adding decimal height
for summit from LIDAR data
1279919682 (New)Tern Hill38A17/05/2020JimApplied
New Tump. JNSA 24010. LIDAR. Garmin SJ 63744 31238