Ten figure OS Grid Reference Files for GPS

Below is a selection box which will allow you to choose a mountain area.  This will display a box with the GPS data for the area selected, with data held in GPSU format, for downloading directly to a Garmin GPS receiver.   Please feel free to copy and paste any data you require.

Mountain Group:  

The box shows entries for all mountains and hills in the area selected, irrespective of the list (e.g. Nuttalls, Marilyns) to which the area name pertains.  

The website also presents GPS data in GPX file format - look for the links on the various map and mountain search pages.

The grid references are in the section with the following heading...

F ID---- Zn East  North T  Alt(m)   Comment
F = record type, e.g. W for Waypoint.
ID = 6 character Waypoint ID - a unique identifier for the mountain.   I've also included waypoints for the start points of the walks in the the Nuttall books, e.g. E1-1 is the start point for walk 1.1 in the England volume.  
Zn = OS 100km grid letters
East = Eastings, North = Northings
T = what is to be displayed on GPS screen - "C" for Comment, "I" for ID.
Alt(m) = Altitude in metres

Comment = Name of summit, followed by (in brackets) its class, or its Nuttalls rank.

W EW2319 NY 26043 29087 C     931.0 Skiddaw (18)
Skiddaw is 931m high and is the 18th highest Nuttall in England and Wales.

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