Name:Hensbarrow Downs
Hill number:19290
Height:364.6m / 1196ft
Section:40: Cornwall & Devon
Col:119m  SX088655  
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Entry no.Date recordedGrid Ref.Feature / Observations / SurveyRecorded byStatusSubpointLatest review
1739729/11/2016SX 00134 57478  F: vegetated rock embedded in long grass
O: It's not possible to say that this is undoubtedly the highest point, in view of the vegetation, but it's a good summit marker and I couldn't find anything higher.
S: Leica RX1250
1739926/12/2016SX 00132 57483  F: Embedded stone
O: Without being aware of the stone mentioned by alda, it's the point that seemed to me to be the top.
1740422/12/2010SX 00135 57486  F: Small cairn on flattish area.Aye Jimmy

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Logged Descriptions  (logged by 148 users)ByDate of Ascent
Walked from our holiday cottage in Bugle, taking road over slag heap from B3274, which soon cuts back as a footpath at second switchback contouring round the north to the east side. Missed trig pillar on right as expected it to be above our eye-line so cut back to Marilyn summit first. There is another embedded stone 75m to WSW , which we came across on way back to trig pillar, but this one at SX 00134 57478 is clearly higher.SteveSmith20/01/2020
From little used quarry entrance east side.Eddie10/07/2019
As previous visitor, parked near the gates to the north then up initially on the gravel tracks before hearing straight up over the scrub to the top. Then descended westwards to visit the trig point. A relief to get this one out of the way with no GOML interference.Father Ted05/05/2019
From road to north, old access gates to Quarry. Mostly direct line to summit, and also memorial stone nearby to the man responsible for the aggregate/clay firmN.Morters28/04/2019
From the gate to the North on the B3274, virtually straight up to the high point then down to the trig at the old Marilyn location. Being Saturday no sign of work at the clay pits.NormanW30/03/2019
Repeated due to new location on spoil heap above trig point. Walked in past trig point on my right, ascended gap in bank to quarry roads to reach pile of rocks on heap for shelter from wind at SX 00000 57547. Stayed on summit 50 mins, returned via mine vehicles track south of trig and shown on 25K map to car park area (SX992575). No mine vehicles or persons seen in area of summit for duration of activation - operated ham radio on summit for SOTA. I will not be returning.G4OBK (Phil)24/01/2019
Repeat but a different top, 535 miles each way. From the west, no security visible but plenty of vehicles. High cloud, mild and calm.iangalbraith06/01/2019
This was a lot more straightforward than I feared after reading some of the logs below. I parked in the little car park to the west and followed the path to the trig. A little to the right of the small building just beyond this a path leads up a short gully. This deposited me on a road. Roads and grassy tracks zigzag up all over the place and can be patiently followed but the terrain underfoot is a friendly, grassy affair so it is easy enough to cut corners.lenman03/01/2019
Followed Winterfloodians directions.Lionel Bidwell11/12/2018
From small car park to West, up to Trig Point (Beacon), but no further as this seems to be closest approach without trespassing. Anyway I do not accept an unmarked, unmapped, man-made spoil heap, which could be re-shaped or removed at any moment, as a genuine hill.Isbjorn04/11/2018
Eventful! Without map struggled to find the best place to start. This walk had it all, a bramble scramble, odd quarry views, deer! I was eventually escorted off by two security men in a landrover who were helpful and friendly. They guided me to the old Marilyntumpawumpa05/10/2018
From car park on road to west. Path leads along fence to mound with trig point; (path on north side of mound avoids brambles and gorse and gives access to trig point). Continue past mound to small building. 30m south a track leads up through scrub onto access roads and easy slopes to the flat summit.Winterfloodian21/09/2018
From the north, parked beside and hopped over the no entry barrier. There is a regeneration project bill board. I would never have known it was artificial.Topographer5709/08/2018
Parked on B road to north beside low double gates at SX 00225 57899. Used zig zag track to SX 00226 57779 then aimed directly for summit over vegetated earth, rocks and stones.David Gradwell01/08/2018
Quarry workings under way on west side, so parked outside double gates on B3274 to NE of summit. Followed wide quarry road NW, then turned left for 400m before turning right up smaller path. Followed this path anticlockwise until trig point appeared due west on right when we joined a bend in a quarry road. A gap in the bank gave access to the trig point, descending a short, steep bank and making my way through gorse and bracken. After visiting trig point, headed due east to gain the plateau where a faint 4x4 track led the way directly to the summit stone - a flat, vegetated feature. 70 m further is a large rock commemorating the restoration work of David Woodland. Returned heading due N and descending to the quarry road. Hot, dry day.Dartmoorman06/07/2018
Used the Moorsman approach. Note the gate is 200mtrs along the ROW from the CP. Collected trig COU on the return. with Elizyanne. No issues.GmacT04/07/2018
Had heard so much about it that I was longing to see this hill. Great views of surrounding quarries, the trig point/summit below!! After a short time in the creation of the world, the sphagnum Moss is well established on Hensbarrow. Enjoyable walk.elizyanne04/07/2018
via trig point from 297m spot heightcjo21/06/2018
If you are climbing this hill along with the trig point, it is worthwhile bearing in mind that immediately after the trig the next 200m involve a scramble through bramble, bracken, gorse and the ascent of a short cliff face (only 20m in height). This takes longer than you might expect and is far easier done in descent on the way back. So, to reach this summit, follow the track from the car park to the west then access the quarry road through a gate after about 150m. This permits an easy walk to where the track from the trig meets it. Then head upwards across easy moorland. Take in the trig on the return journey.moorsman17/06/2018
walked from car park by masts to white trig point and onwards to the top. Very strange to see the trig so low compared to the surroundings.gettingonabit13/05/2018
In high wind and drizzle from west, with Maya in car waiting. Visited many summit rocks. Rounsfell01/05/2018
Parked to west. Revisit to go to HP. Went via trig which had been to on a previous occasion when hill was still ‘active’. Easily found way from trig up to summit plateau.PeterD23/04/2018
From gate to north - pretty much straight up and down. Early morning mist so no issue about being seen!SS13/04/2018
Nice! Parking in a disused gateway opposite the old quarry buildings at the high point of the B3274, north of the hill. Waited for the torrential downpour to stop, then hopped over the barrier. Zig-zag up the track until you see a good way up the hillside on steepish, dry, mossy grass. It looks like a proper moor, except much less boggy, and is very pleasant, with good views over the china clay works and to the sea. It's quite impressive for a reclaimed hill; the restoration seems to have worked extremely well. No signs of any security vans at any time. This approach seems to be non-controversial, as there is no working whatsoever on this side.Gill25/01/2018
From double gate to the N as others. Started to zig zag up the track but then just went straight up. Nobody about because it was Sunday and a bitterly strong cold wind.clivevilla12/11/2017
6/8M parked opp quarry entrance track then straight up no issues with accessrobertphillips07/11/2017
From double gate to NE. No security presence.squeegs06/11/2017
Parked at small CP to W, walked across to the TP and fought through undergrowth to quarry road on way to summit. At hairpin, saw security pick-up coming up this road. Was told by security man that this was private land, I should leave. Explained I only wanted to get to summit, concept of Marilyns. Some debate. Said I should get in his pick-up. He took me round to a different access point, and let me out to go up to summit (greater climb than from TP). He had half an hour, so, he said, no rush (I guess when he had to check in again). Then he took me on a tour of the site and back to the CP. In the end my visit was amicable. I did 7.5 km while wife was watching first half of footy match. We spent the night in CP in our camper (with tacit approval)! If you do not want to visit the TP (e.g. if you have done it before) an approach from the NE may avoid security. NB I was dropped off N of the summit for my final ascent. From TP, go left (N) to L of hairpin, to avoid being seen from road.henryfm22/10/2017
With Izzy and rosie. Parked in small car park to west. Walked up via access roads. Nipped to trig then straight up to summit. Wandered around a bit. Not sure where exact summit is. Not sure it matters anyway. There maybe higher manmade summits near by.Longwojo12/10/2017
From car park to west via trig point. Area around trig very overgrown. We were stopped by a truck driver on our way back between summit and trig point who advised that the hill was still a working site... it didn't look like it was to us. Might be better approaching from east to avoid conflict.Kate_and_Euan19/07/2017
as for gerrybowesarranc14/07/2017
Hm - well at least the trig looks smart in its white paint.RocksRock23/04/2017
Parked in wide gateway to NE at 002579 - Up vehicle track for 400m & then made way up hillside to summit rock. Visited the David Woodland memorial plaque (Helped with the heathland regeneration) which lies 70m East at SX 00203 57489. Recompletes the Marilyns of England, Wales & IoM. (PM)gerrybowes21/04/2017
As GB, reclaiming this marilyn. A 35 minute walk from the east side. No access problems as work has now finished. Nature is now developing this site with many wild flowers in bloom. Keep the conservationists away and let it regenerate itself .bolton21/04/2017
Ascent to re-defined summit.richtea504021/04/2017
Both of usTonyandsue11/04/2017
Walked east from small carpark on road by aerials to newly painted white trig and then over rough grass/ gorse/bramble ( growing fast) to new summit- all very flat. Embedded rock seemed to be high point. Dreek and low visibility so no views but the weather certainly meant it felt like a mountain!Denise 19/03/2017
In thick cloud via the trig pillar. Plateau summit supporting moss/grass/reed grass/liverwort/common heather/willow and gorse. A wander (or should that be wonder) around and we conclude the top of the large almost buried boulder is the high point.RichardM19/03/2017
A revisit just to make sure. It's a slag-heap with some parts vegetated. However there are some real hills as equally unattractive.Martin R17/03/2017
Parked car at twin gates to the east. Walked more or less straight to top. No access problems anymore. 465yards from road on gps. Plaque on stone 100 yards south of top.DARRENG15/03/2017
Re-completed English, Welsh and IoM marilyns. With DARRENG.andrew brown15/03/2017
Muddy car park, wellies along muddy track to trig then an indistinct path of sorts aids upward journey to summit with Iain Brown.Dugswell209/03/2017
From small parking area near trig, straight forward up and down.rhalstead04/03/2017
From the W, small dirt car park near 297m spot height. Track goes past the trig with its fresh coat of white paint, then directly on to the higher spoil heap which has a large flat and featureless top. Small boulder embedded in grass seems to be the accepted HP, I couldn't tell as cloud down on the hill giving very low viz.jonglew21/02/2017
A preemptive strike, with Colin Crawford. On my previous visit, in 2012, I retreated when encountering machinery working on the summit area.Chris Peart16/01/2017
I travelled down for the new Hump so it made sense to revisit this one to be certain. Quite a transformation from my 2004 visitColin Crawford16/01/2017
Left EM at 03.00 on a cold misty and ultimately wet morning. Parked in wide entrance on road to east and followed numerous paths up to the summit just as it was getting light. Very murky. With AW.Campbell Singer08/12/2016
Early morning drive down to Cornwall. Gloomy climb up at dawn to new top from the north east.Alan Whatley08/12/2016
Revisit while in the area, of the now-landscaped summit. The Beacon is a poor affair nowadays, a gorsy bump at the foot of its much larger neighbour. Looked at the impressively pointy SE summit, disappointingly only about P15m.RHW27/11/2016
Easy walkHippy7705/11/2016
A walk up with my 2 daughters to the summit trig and boundary stone. We went up on to the slag heap and we were surprised by how pleasant it was with short cropped grass and great views. We saw Golden Plover, Snipe, Skylarks, Meadow Pipits as well as a Kestrel hunting. This tip should be the recognised summit. There was a plaque close to the summit in memory of Roger Woodland who helped with the rewilding.isabelle04/04/2016
Stopped off on the way to Penzance. Solo.mike.hoult03/04/2016
Done with Hensbarrow BeaconFergalh12/12/2014
A tough old scramble about in difficult vegetation! Misty day wondered where we had arrived and no wonder everyone goes to the coast down here!nickywood118/10/2014
The slag heap climbed w Jenx after the proper natural hilltop. At the time I heard an interview on TV with the CE of the clay works saying that when extraction finishes the spoil heaps will be used to fill in the quarried pits. Time will tell.nordicstar17/04/2014
Using tracks from the westAndrewFinnimore10/09/2013
Accidental ascent in heavy rain, seeking out the summit with care, thought it was the summit, but it wasn't - then.jimbloomer28/01/2013
Snowy day, visited this man made summit before descending to the summit near the trig. There was a small cairn on a large flattish area.Aye Jimmy22/12/2010
Visited the trig area (Hensbarrow Beacon) and new top (Hensbarrow Down). Explored the top of the new summit (and GPS track confirms visited the new grid reference).RobertP16/02/2010
Climbed the spoil heap first and then descended to the trig point in early evening gloom. Top wasn't vegetated at the time and I suspect the top was still being sculpted into its current shape.Herbert Anchovy22/01/2010
After visiting trig on Hensbarrow Beaconcitygent20/06/2009
Visited with Ian after bagging Hensbarrow Beacon. Still had time to do three other Cornish Marilyns on the same day.chriswatson18/11/2008
Bagged the summit as somebody with a cross and I saw it at the time. You'd have needed to get there before Start of next Day to confirm it because the day shift were moving it about. Assuming that the new, permanent summit is a bit higher, more likely lower, maybe left a bit or right s bit. 50p says it's not where it was 19/04/2008.Eddie19/04/2008
Unstable on first ascent in 2008. Grassy and settled on top on the second visit in late 2016.mae15/03/2008
With D192131/07/2007
Hensbarrow revisited at new location on 1st April 2017 (did wonder who was the fool!)Tony S12/04/2007
With: hb sb ab; Parked at quarry entrance to W by radio masts then walked to Trig Point. From here we scrambled up the waste E of trig to locate the summit somewhere about SX000573.Ian Baines03/08/2003
With: ib sb ab; Helen Baines03/08/2003
Easy walk up from trig point to highest spot on the heapsChinnockC16/02/2002
Of course Judy and I went to the highest point.GordonAdshead01/09/2000
Spoil heap overtops trig point, cairn @ 000575, track goes most of way. Track from road summit @ 992575RHW28/08/1999
hummock between clay tipsTownshend06/06/1999
Because this is a bing, not a real hill, I no longer collect marilyns or report my totals to bingsoc. However I have logged this so that I can still use hillbagging as a counter for no of natural p150s visited. This summit did not even exist when I bagged Hensbarrow Downs.fasgadhblank
Note: local information is that all the china clay tips etc re regularly patrolled by security, weekdays AND weekends to deter local children/youths from clambering around.............RocksRockblank
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