Name:Hangingstone Hill - Pale Heights
Hill number:5339
Height:177.1m / 581ft
Section:36: Lancashire, Cheshire & the Southern Pennines
Col:119m  SJ532687  
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Entry no.Date recordedGrid Ref.Feature / Observations / SurveyRecorded byStatusSubpointLatest review
1166008/01/2016SJ 54330 69650  F: Overgrown banking behind chain mesh fence, difficult to access.
O: Reservoir top nearby is easy to reach, as is trig 2985 beside round concrete tower which has convenient gap in railings.
Aye Jimmy
-1959315/12/2011SJ 54335 69654  F: earth bank
O: covered reservoir is 0.1m higher; trig point 25m SSW at SJ 54325 69629 is 1.5m lower
S: Leica NA730/530
-1959415/12/2011SJ 54332 69652  F: earth bank
O: covered reservoir is 0.1m higher; trig point 25m SSW at SJ 54325 69629 is 1.5m lower
S: Leica NA730/530
-1959515/12/2011SJ 54331 69652  F: earth bank
O: covered reservoir is 0.1m higher; trig point 25m SSW at SJ 54325 69629 is 1.5m lower
S: Leica NA730/530
-1959615/12/2011SJ 54332 69650  F: earth bank
O: covered reservoir is 0.1m higher; trig point 25m SSW at SJ 54325 69629 is 1.5m lower
S: Leica NA730/530
-1959707/02/2009SJ 54324 69628  F: trig point
O: top of nearby reservoir is highest point
S: Leica NA730/530
George Gradwell
-1959810/12/2010SJ 54323 69629  F: trig point
O: top of nearby reservoir is highest point
S: Leica NA730/530
-1959915/12/2011SJ 54327 69628  F: trig point
O: top of nearby reservoir is highest point
S: Leica NA730/530
-1960015/12/2011SJ 54324 69631  F: trig point
O: top of nearby reservoir is highest point
S: Leica NA730/530
-1960115/12/2011SJ 54324 69629  F: trig point
O: top of nearby reservoir is highest point
S: Leica NA730/530
-1960215/12/2011SJ 54325 69629  F: trig point
O: top of nearby reservoir is highest point
S: Leica NA730/530
-2656615/12/2011SJ 54318 69659  F: earth bank
S: Leica 530
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Logged Descriptions  (logged by 113 users, only the latest 50 shown - Show all)ByDate of Ascent
Erom CP on A54 to south.mart079714/07/2020
Walk with Andy and HarmonyGaynorSeymour06/06/2020
Parking area at Gresty's Waste car park (free). Cross the road and follow the Sandstone Trail north. A good clear track leads off to the east immediately after the second west heading footpath. But, for some reason best known to the Almighty, the path heading directly up to the summit is then blocked by a heap of mud emblazoned with a DANGER DO NOT PASS THIS NOTICE sign. However, once over it, it is plain sailing to the top.moorsman06/03/2020
Cycled from South View E.C. via Summerhouse Bank. Up the footpath from the A54 to the S, passed a double headed boar. Visited various structures around the summit, some inside fences, etc. Good views. Easier going back down!Minto24/10/2019
Solo,Part of a run round Dalemere Forest. Thankfully the weather cleared up, torrential rain when I set off. Trig hidden behind 5ft high brambles.Mountain Goat18/10/2019
With Jo, from Visitor Centre on a cloudy morning. Distant views of higher hills were restricted by low clouds. Also visited nearby trig and completed day by walking round Blakemere Moss.amblerbob15/10/2019
3/7 chumping with Nwormgage. This looked slightly problematic on the map, but wasn't at all, except for the rich choice in possible high points. Nice walk through the forest on the Sandstone Trail past the strange piggy directing you to Whitchurch or Frodsham. Nice spot up here. Had a look at all seemingly natural High Points.tumpawumpa03/01/2019
Beautiful area, could be persuaded to do much frolicking in Delamere area. With tumpywumbanwormgage03/01/2019
visited when visiting the trigNozzer28/12/2018
From woodland car park on A54 (SJ 5405 6867). RoW leads N then veers off for the hill summit. Actual HP possibly a brambly mound within the outer mast compound, although that may be an old covered resr. 4 OS triggy things up there, including an easily accessible bolt on the old water tower.jonglew23/11/2018
After a morning at Beeston horse auctions walking up from A54 free car park SJ5403668679. Great walk thru woodland and up onto the summit with great views. Had Ann and Lucky for company.John Eley08/08/2018
From a54 cp. Trig completely in the nettles.Moorponder18/06/2018
From Gresty's Waste CP. Beware gate is closed.i was lucky. Got back at 620pm. Lady was waiting to close gate.Longwojo23/03/2018
From A54 car park to South on circular walk through Delamere Forest.New fences make this difficult but views are extensive.With Oscar.catman02/02/2018
With Catman.oscarrosie02/02/2018
From Visitor CentreThe Playful Pig19/08/2017
Same as most, from south. Security fence is that uncomfortable kind.. theow an old coat over it and its not so bad. Climbed the concrete water tower. Trig pillar hides behind said tower. Fine views.stig_nest23/07/2017
Pleasant forest walk from south in heavy rain. Surprising viewing area just away from summitMark Sims11/07/2017
3rd hill of 6 today on a route from Tarporley to Helsby via Summerhouse Bank and High Billinge, then taking forest track to Tirley Hollow before using fp that skirts Nwestern edge of Primrose Wood eventually dropping onto the Sandstone Trail. Helped Father and Daughter get back onto the S Trail as they had overshot. Continued on Sandstone trail before taking signed alternative route that heads up to the viewfinder but I branched off sooner to head into field and then over fence via stile. I dropped down the bank and climbed over the gate to access the natural high ground (will be overgrown with brambles in summer) Climbed back over and then climbed over fence into reservoir (using broken wooden planks placed in the fencing. Good views. Same return route but then used back of reservoir fencing to enter field, over wooden fence to track and viewpoint. Continued on track and where it veers off to the NE I climbed over a wooden fence to drop onto a track that runs parallel with the S trailDazingdale04/03/2017
Up from the A54 to south with Han & Beth. Used Sandstone trail to find trig point. Walked around the area, lots of new fences both metal and wooden to make it a bit tougher. Visited trig, high point and Pale Heights viewfinder area. Good stroll out before lunch :-)nordicstar31/01/2017
Parking: Car Park A54, SJ 54036 68679. New fences at summit. Viewfinder looks interesting, pity about the dense fog.David Evans07/01/2017
Lovely walk from Delamere taking in Eddisbury Hill, Pale Heights, The Yeld and a loop of Blakemere Moss. Easy access onto the reservoir, a makeshift gate saving any fence climbing. The viewfinder feature the north is quite impressive and worth a visit, I've not seen one like it before.Jake99409/08/2016
After a feed at Blakesmere - Park at Kingsgate - Primrose Hill - Gwrestys Waste - Cross the A54 - Hanginingstone Hill (and Trig) at Pale Heights - Tea and cake at Delamere - Old lane back up to hill summit the back to the car along the Sandstone Way.briandavies24/01/2016
From large carpark just S of very busy A54. Large paths to summit area, but reaching official summit itself is quite difficult: an overgrown banking guarded by chain mesh fence. Got over this from reservoir side to W where elder tree has crushed fence, but involves fight through tree. Reservoir top and trig by round tower are easy to reach. Viewpoint a short way to NNE is worth a visit.Aye Jimmy08/01/2016
To reservoir top from c/p to south on A54.ngthack16/12/2015
Reservoir top is indeed accessible and trig point is now accessible as the fence is incomplete. However, the GR given, which I agree is the top, is very difficult. It can be managed by climbing the high gate into the water compound (the rest is surrounded by a chain link fence). The gates are held shut by a stout chain and padlock which make an ideal foothold to roll over the top of the gate (allegedly).clivevilla02/12/2015
Surprisingly good views and open access to the reservoir compound so one can walk on the grassy too. Why can't they all be like that. Trig beside the east side of water tower accessed by gap in the fence to the west of it and collected mushrooms on the reservoir top. With son Jamie who came on this longer walk despite stubbornly sitting out the much shorter walk to hump summit to south.vegibagger21/09/2015
Run from Helsby to Delamere and up Hangingstone hill to find a very well hidden trigpoint and back.Chris92024/08/2014
New Years day walk with friendsgaryhoney01/01/2014
mainly cloudy, little sun. the trig is surrounded by nettles & if needed couldn't be used because of the water tower. from Delamere forest parkjoseph mitchell30/09/2013
Top of reservoir whilst mountain bikingPeteF23/02/2013
I’m sure I have run over this one in the past on the Delemere 10K. Bagged along with ‘High Billinge’ just in case it takes over as the hump. Summit trig is now overgrown and needs gloves and a machete to reach!tim74709/09/2011
0.7 miles up from the far Delamere car park - got soaked at the top but excellent viewsmikependergast10/07/2011
MTB round Delamere and cycled up to top to try to bag trig as well.stever03/07/2011
Up on a lovely sunny day. I agree that this is Pale Heights not Hangingstone Hill.simon and co03/06/2011
From car park by The Yeld. adrianturner21/05/2011
Parked S side of main road. Track and path to top. Trig on E side of round building. Great viewpoint N of top.chrisbien13/04/2011
Parked in forest car park on Sandstone Trail. Up on paths through woodland to a mast enclosure and a way through the railings to column 2985. 16.35.arranc26/02/2011
Parked at RHB to SE. Pleasant stroll.destaylor24/02/2011
The correct summit name is Pale Heights as on the map and signposts. Visited High Billinge tumulus on 30/8/11 - possible alternative top.chriswatson10/12/2010
From busy car park on A54 on grey dry morning. Flat covered reservoir top higher than trig near grey tower with falling down fence at one corner.Dugswell231/10/2010
Lots of stinging nettles - but managed ok. Went onto reservoir for highest point.Alan Caine09/10/2010
Did this one on the way home from dropping my son off at Liverpool for the first time. Found trig close to round building and then hopped up onto the covered reservoir to the highest point.Father Ted19/09/2010
Up from the road to the south - the hill is now planted and quite busy, not the expected gomldodge. The summit is a mystery as there are masts and reservoirs, but you can get on to the covered reservoir. No sign of the trig. Good views.fasgadh07/08/2010
Trig point is surrounded by stinging nettles. Shorts not advisable.TGRS23/05/2010
fairly short walk from free car park on A54. Trig point quite well hidden by clutter on top of hill. Very nice stone circle recently built near top of hill. http://www.heavyhorses.co.uk/humpsheavyhorses12/03/2010
At the end of a pleasant six mile New Year Day walk around Delamere Forest. Lovely views from the top. Descended to the Linmere Visitor Centre which was INCREDIBLY busy!WELSHHATTER200001/01/2010
From Delamare rail station. Reservoir top is highest. Trig is niceley hidden. Is Hangingstone Hill the correct name? Pale Heights perhaps.summitsup31/12/2009
Trig pillar 1 metre from large concrete tower. Accuracy 6m, GPS height 178m, GPSmap 60CSxGeorge Gradwell07/02/2009