Map Notes
  • Hover cursor over a triangle for name of top
  • Triangles indicate locations of hills found by the search
  • Red/Green triangles indicate hills/tops I/you have ascended/not ascended
  • Triangle size gives some indication of hill height...
      3000ft+  2000ft+  1000ft+  <1000ft
  • Double-click on map to re-centre and zoom in (or use mouse wheel)
  • Pan the map using mouse to drag, or use navigation buttons
  • Click on a triangle for more details, i.e...

  • Hill name (click for page showing details of summit (opens a new window))
    Height (metres / feet)
    Class (see list below)
    Rank (Nuttalls only) e.g. Snowdon = 1
    Date of ascent (if logged)... on date or (add log) to log ascent (if signed in)
    Links to OS Map (via Get-a-map or Multimap), and aerial view via GoogleMaps or Virtual Earth

    See Glossary for list of abbreviations used for hill classifications.

Table Notes
  • Class - see Map Notes for meanings of abbreviations
  • Click on column headings (e.g. Hill Name) to re-order the list, and click again to reverse order
  • Click on symbol next to Hill No/Rank to indicate its position on the map
  • Click on a Hill Name for page showing details of summit (opens a new window)
  • Metres and Feet - height of summit above sea level
  • Grid Reference (see Disclaimer) - Click on a grid ref for OS map courtesy of Multimap (opens a new window)
  • (est) after grid ref indicates the grid ref has been estimated from mapping
  • Date of Ascent - my/your personal log
  • Summits displayed in red are the ones I/you have ascended