Import Logs

Use this page to upload a list of your mountain ascents to the website, which may be easier than entering your logs individually if you have have a large backlog to record (you must be a registered member of the site, and be logged in, to use this facility).

In particular, if you have logged your ascents on a copy of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH), there is a facility there (introduced in version 11.5) for extracting your logs in CSV format - the resulting extract file can be used here.

Copy and paste your list of logs into the box below in "comma separated variable (CSV)" format.  The first line should be a header containing the fieldnames for the data that follows, with the fieldnames in the same order as the data.

The following two fieldnames must be present...

  • "hillnumber" which is the hill's unique reference number as used in this website and in the Database of British and Irish Hills
  • "climbed" which is your date of ascent of a hill (preferably in YYYY-MM-DD format)

You may wish to split your upload into manageable chunks, but remember always to include the fieldnames heading line.  Existing logs for a hill will not be overwritten, and will be ignored if included in the upload list.