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The regions, with their names and numbering are taken from The Relative Hills of Britain by Alan Dawson.

The Humps

Humps are hills of any height with a drop of 100 metres or more on all sides  The name Hump stands for HUndred Metre Prominence.  By definition, all Marilyns qualify as Humps (but not vice versa).

A Subhump is a hill which just fails (by up to 10m) to qualify on the drop rule, i.e. drop of 90m to 99m on all sides.

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(Humps appear as Class=Hu on this website, or Ma if also a Marilyn, and Subhumps appear as Class=sHu).

The official e-book listing all the Humps, compiled by Mark Jackson, is now available for free download: More Relative Hills of Britain (the Humps e-book, 12MB beware!). 

My Progress
I have completed 0 (0%) of 2979 Humps of Britain [Map*]
0 (0%) of 2164 Scottish Humps [Map*]
0 (0%) of 440 English Humps [Map*]
0 (0%) of 367 Welsh Humps [Map*]
0 (0%) of 11 Manx Humps [Map*]

0 (0%) of 831 Irish Humps [Map*]

The discrepancy in the totals is due to 3 hills on the Scotland/England border which are included in the totals for both countries.

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Brief history and Acknowledgements

The original source for the Humps list was Dr Eric Yeaman's "Handbook of the Scottish Hills", published by Wafaida in 1989.  In the introduction the author states:

"For the purposes of this Handbook, a hill is defined as an eminence which has an ascent of 100m all round or, failing that, is at least 5km (walking distance) from any higher point on neighbouring hills."

In an attempt to clarify this list, Bernie Hughes set out to mirror the methodology that had produced the TACit Press "New Donalds" from Percy Donald's original set, by removing Yeamans qualifying by distance alone, and applying a strict 100m height / 100m prominence rule.  Drop figures were obtained either from published sources such as TACit Tables where available, or from direct comparison of the 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey maps.  The results were referred to as "New Yeamans".

Iain Cameron had previously produced an Excel spreadsheet of the hills in Yeaman's book, using the original publication's 4-figure Grid Refs.  Rob Woodall converted these to 6-figure Grid Refs, added drop data and suggested a few deletions e.g. where hills fell short of the 5km distance rule.  Clem Clements had applied Yeaman's original criteria to England and Wales, and christened the results "Yeomans".  Rob Woodall combined these data sources, and the results were amalgamated and uploaded to the RHB Yahoo community in the Spring of 2007.

The name "Humps" (Hundred Metre Prominence) was originally proposed by Mark Jackson and unanimously accepted by the RHB community.  This data was subsequently reworked and republished in a more accessible and attractive format by Mark in the summer of 2007, giving an initial total of 2991 Humps.  An early spate of promotions and demotions raised the total to 2993.  Mark Jackson also initiated the Hall of Fame for those climbing 1200+ Humps, in imitation of Alan Dawson's 600+ Marilyns Hall of Fame.  Anybody wishing to join the Hump Hall of Fame should contact Chris Watson at

(By Bernie Hughes and Rob Woodall)

My thanks to Jim Bloomer and Clem Clements for their painstaking research into the Irish Humps, and making their data available to this website.

Topographic Areas

Click on a hill total on the list below to show the Mountain Search page for Humps in the corresponding topographical area.
The topographical areas, with their names and numbering are taken from The 1033 High Hills of Britain by Alan Dawson.

AreaHu Total
IS Shetland Islands36
IS01 Mainland-muckleroe21
IS02 Unst-fetlar8
IS03 Bressay-noss3
IS04 Foula-fairisle4
IO Orkney Islands18
IO01 Hoy-graemsay5
IO02 Mainland-ronaldsay8
IO03 Rousay-westray5
LH Lewis-Harris and nearby islands86
LH01 Cliseam-conostom30
LH02 Mealaisbhal-tathabhal19
LH03 Beinnmhor-gormol11
LH04 Beinndhubh-roineabhal14
LH05 Mholach-muirneag4
LH06 Scarp-taransay4
LH07 Seaforth-shiant4
IU Uists and nearby islands27
IU01 Southuist-eriskay15
IU02 Northuist-benbecula10
IU03 Ronay-wiay2
IB Barra and nearby islands15
IB01 Barra-vatersay8
IB02 Mingulay-sandray7
IX Extremity islands9
IX01 Hirta-soay5
IX02 Boreray-lee3
IX03 Rona-sula1
HN Northern Highlands222
HN01 Foinaven-hee38
HN02 Hope-loyal14
HN03 Morven-scaraben22
HN04 Klibreck-dhorain30
HN05 Benmore-quinag39
HN06 Culmor-coigach17
HN07 Beinndearg-carnban33
HN08 Wyvis-chuinneag29
HW Western Highlands: North126
HW01 Teallach-ghobhlach16
HW02 Mullach-slioch21
HW03 Sgurrmor-fannaich29
HW04 Spidean-alligin32
HW05 Ruadh-damh20
HW06 Beinnbhan-shieldaig8
HW Western Highlands: Central124
HW07 Chaorachain-moruisg31
HW08 Ghlais-eagle20
HW09 Lapaich-coinntich15
HW10 Carneighe-ceathramhnan15
HW11 Fhuaran-fhada18
HW12 Chraileag-mhonaidh25
HW Western Highlands: South114
HW13 Mhaoraich-sgritheall28
HW14 Gleouraich-burach5
HW15 Ladharbheinn-eugallt17
HW16 Ciche-gairich19
HW17 Ghairbh-tee16
HW18 Thuilm-streap19
HW19 Gulvain-bhan10
HW Western Highlands: Ardnamurchan and Ardgour70
HW20 Hiant-laga12
HW21 Beinnodhar-roisbheinn15
HW22 Dhomhnuill-garbh27
HW23 Creach-raplaich16
SK Skye and nearby islands86
SK01 Alasdair-gillean19
SK02 Blabheinn-belig13
SK03 Coinnich-caillich16
SK04 Storr-suiramach11
SK05 Healabhal-lee20
SK06 Raasay-scalpay7
IR Rum, Eigg and nearby islands15
IR01 Rum10
IR02 Eigg-canna5
IM Mull, Tiree and nearby islands42
IM01 Mull35
IM02 Ulva-gometra4
IM03 Tiree-coll3
IJ Islay, Jura and nearby islands37
IJ01 Jura19
IJ02 Islay13
IJ03 Scarba-colonsay5
IC Coastal islands of Scotland14
IC01 Shona-carna12
IC02 Sanda-hestan1
IC03 Bass-may1
HM Monadhliath86
HM01 Meagaidh-ruadh10
HM02 Gairbeinn-iaruinn21
HM03 Carndearg-chailleach18
HM04 Saobhaidhe-tighearnan21
HM05 Glaschoire-wangie16
HE Eastern Highlands: North111
HE01 Braeriach-bhrotain11
HE02 Macdui-bynack23
HE03 Bhuird-avon11
HE04 Morven-gowan17
HE05 Rinnes-cullen36
HE06 Bennachie-fourman13
HE Eastern Highlands: South131
HE07 Chuaich-caim8
HE08 Beinndearg-sgarsoch18
HE09 Ghlo-vrackie15
HE10 Tulaichean-bhac19
HE11 Glasmaol-catlaw24
HE12 Lochnagar-mellon12
HE13 Tirran-wirren10
HE14 Keen-battock16
HE15 Craigowl-turin9
HC Central Highlands: North92
HC01 Nevis-easain17
HC02 Mhaim-mor15
HC03 Chno-uilleim9
HC04 Alder-chlachair25
HC05 Udlamain-chuallaich18
HC06 Fiannaidh-glencoe8
HC Central Highlands: South128
HC07 Dhearg-dhonuill3
HC08 Bidean-buachaille25
HC09 Sgulaird-lora11
HC10 Bhuiridh-starav14
HC11 Cruachan-donachain14
HC12 Chreachain-dorain19
HC13 Schiehallion-farragon13
HC14 Sheasgairnich-udlaidh16
HC15 Lawers-tarmachan13
HS Southern Highlands: West134
HS01 Chapull-duchara21
HS02 Stobodhar-slate22
HS03 Lui-bhuidhe23
HS04 Ime-vorlich14
HS05 Lochain-donich20
HS06 Beinnmhor-corradie19
HS07 Doune-fruin15
HS Southern Highlands: East91
HS08 Benmore-binnein17
HS09 Ledi-choin12
HS10 Chonzie-birnam34
HS11 Vorlich-torlum13
HS12 Lomond-benvenue15
SC Central Scotland37
SC01 Earl-duncolm9
SC02 Cleuch-largo28
IA Arran, Bute and nearby islands26
IA01 Arran18
IA02 Ailsa-holy2
IA03 Bute-cumbrae6
SS Southern Scotland: West150
SS01 Nutberry-stake14
SS02 Lowther-tinto37
SS03 Carsphairn-criffel44
SS04 Merrick-fleet47
SS05 Beneraird-cairn8
SS Southern Scotland: East122
SS06 Scaldlaw-broughton27
SS07 Windlestraw-lammerlaw26
SS08 Broadlaw-minchmoor10
SS09 Coomb-culter22
SS10 Ettrick-eildon28
SS11 Cauldcleuch-roan9
SE Cheviot Hills38
SE01 Cheviot-hownam25
SE02 Peel-rubers13
EL Lake District113
EL01 Skiddaw-knott7
EL02 Gable-grasmoor31
EL03 Scafell-illgill21
EL04 Coniston-claife14
EL05 Helvellyn-mell13
EL06 Highstreet-arnside27
EP Pennines and Moors113
EP01 Crossfell-micklefell12
EP02 Shunner-boar15
EP03 Whernside-buckden27
EP04 Urramoor-wilton14
EP05 Wardstone-longridge7
EP06 Pendle-boulsworth12
EP07 Kinder-shining26
IW Islands of Wales7
IW01 Anglesey-bardsey6
IW02 Ramsey-caldey1
WN North Wales164
WN01 Hebog-anelog22
WN02 Snowdon-eilio5
WN03 Glyder-tryfan4
WN04 Llewelyn-elen7
WN05 Siabod-arenig29
WN06 Eithin-orme18
WN07 Gamelin-famau15
WN08 Berwyn-gyrn15
WN09 Llethr-rhinog8
WN10 Aran-idris41
WM Mid Wales151
WM01 Carneddwen-golfa10
WM02 Pumlumon-amlwg31
WM03 Pegwn-beacon36
WM04 Greatrhos-hergest19
WM05 Drygarn-epynt44
WM06 Cwmcerwyn-brandy11
WS South Wales76
WS01 Brycheiniog-betws16
WS02 Fanfawr-fynyddau20
WS03 Penyfan-mynyddmaen17
WS04 Waunfach-black23
EC Central and Eastern England and Welsh Borders57
EC01 Wrekin-walton3
EC02 Clee-corndon20
EC03 Malvern-may11
EC04 Cleeve-bardon16
EC05 Wendover-shotover7
ES Southern England: West59
ES01 Brownwilly-hensbarrow8
ES02 Willhays-mardon12
ES03 Dunkery-neck10
ES04 Beacon-dundry13
ES05 Staple-lewesdon16
ES Southern England: East34
ES06 Walbury-butser14
ES07 Leith-botley20
IE Islands of England7
IE01 Wight-looe6
IE02 Lundy-walney1
XM Man and Calf11
XM01 Isle of Man10
XM02 Calf-burroo1
YC Channel Islands3
YC01 Jersey-guernsey3
ZN Ireland North158
ZN01 Snaght-raghtin20
ZN02 Errigal-muckish11
ZN03 Snaght-loughsalt40
ZN04 Croaghgorm-bessy32
ZN05 League-common13
ZN06 Sawel-gallion31
ZN07 Mullaghcarn-beagh11
ZW Ireland West193
ZW01 Carr-corranabinia36
ZW02 Nephin-croaghmoyle8
ZW03 Knockalongy-carrane27
ZW04 Cuilcagh-trusk29
ZW05 Mweelrea-lugmore4
ZW06 Barrclash-patrick13
ZW07 Barrslieve-garraun28
ZW08 Maumtrasna-levy11
ZW09 Benbaun-corr16
ZW10 Moylussa-elva21
ZE Ireland East210
ZE01 Trostan-divis20
ZE02 Donard-croob29
ZE03 Foye-corn32
ZE04 Arderin-brandon11
ZE05 Slievenamon-tory8
ZE06 Keeper-devilsbit29
ZE07 Mullaghcleevaun-kippure33
ZE08 Lugnaquilla-keadeen28
ZE09 Croghan-slieveboy8
ZE10 Leinster-blackstairs12
ZS Ireland South231
ZS01 Brandon-baurtregaum26
ZS02 Coomacarrea-nadobar21
ZS03 Mullaghanattin-eagles22
ZS04 Carrauntoohil-purple8
ZS05 Mangerton-lomena16
ZS06 Hungry-owen27
ZS07 Knockboy-gabriel50
ZS08 Paps-musher27
ZS09 Galty-seefin17
ZS10 Mealdown-kilclooney17
ZI Ireland Islands39
ZI01 Inch-tory4
ZI02 Achill-aran17
ZI03 Rathlin-lambay2
ZI04 Sceilg-blasket16