The SIBs

A SIB is a "Significant Island of the British Isles".  The complete list of SIBs and Squibs comprises over 1600 islands.  The qualification criteria are to be an island with at least 30 hectares of area or a prominence of 30m.  Islands whose ascent is restricted to rock climbers (sea stacks etc) are excluded from the SIBs.

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(SIBs appear as Class=SIB on this website)

My Progress
I have completed 0 (0%) of 849 SIBs [Map*]
0 (0%) of 476 Scottish SIBs [Map*]
0 (0%) of 87 English SIBs [Map*]
0 (0%) of 38 Welsh SIBs [Map*]

0 (0%) of 2 Manx SIBs [Map*]
0 (0%) of 16 Channel Island SIBs [Map*]
0 (0%) of 230 Irish SIBs [Map*]

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Thanks to Alan Holmes for use of his SIB data.  You can request the the full SIB data package by contacting Alan (alanholmes3 at virginmedia dot com).