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Change no.Hill no.Hill nameSectionReq. dateByStatusDescription
140604315Beinn Bhuidhe [Beinn Bhuide]11A08/02/2021JimApplied
OSGM15/Infinity survey update (702.151)
118114315Beinn Bhuidhe [Beinn Bhuide]11A30/05/2019JimApplied
alda col survey CC: amending col height to give correct drop
(summit 702.12, col 577.55)
59364315Beinn Bhuidhe [Beinn Bhuide]11A26/05/2014CCApplied
AD name change. 1:50k looks misspelt, also Bhuidhe on 2:1
rule. Survey data added (GVJ)
24664315Beinn Bhuidhe [Beinn Bhuide]11A03/12/2012JimApplied