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Please use the contact form below if you have any comments about this site.  Please report any user logs you spot which could be regarded as offensive.  Landowners are welcome to report any user logs which could be regarded as encouraging trespass.

Apologies for the ongoing problems with the Bing Maps interface on the website. The annual usage limits on displaying Bing Maps from the website have been exceeded which is why you may be seeing the message, "The specified credentials are invalid" (ignore the part about signing up for a developer account).

Hill Bagging website redesign
Work is commencing to update the Hill Bagging website platform.  The initial priority is to underpin current functionality with more modern technology. In the longer term we plan to make gradual improvements.  This effort is being undertaken by Simon Edwardes, Dave Chaffey and Toby Thurston supported by Denise McLellan and Jim Bloomer.  If any users would like to join a small group to input views or provide technical support, please make use of the contact form below by 26th March.

The highest mountain in England is Scafell
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