Hill Classification

England and Wales

Abbreviations used on this site...

Ma: Marilyn
sMa: subMarilyn

Hu: HuMP (or Ma if also a Marilyn)
sHu: subHuMP

Hew: Hewitt
sHew: subHewitt

Sim: Sim

5: Dewey
s5: subDewey

4: 490-499m top
s4: sub490-499m top

N: Nuttall
xN: "deleted" Nuttall

W: Wainwright
WO: Wainwright Outlying Fell

B: Birkett

CoH: Historic County top
CoA: Administrative (1974) County top
CoU: Current County/UA top
CoL: London Borough top

Bg: Bridge
BL: Buxton and Lewis
T100: Trail 100
O: Other list

S: Suggested start point

=:as suffix, indicates twin-top

World Tops

8K: 8000m Summit

Con: Continent Top
xCon: Alternative Continent Top

Source of Grid Reference

Letters in brackets after grid reference show how it has been derived, listed below in descending order of reliability...

h: taken from the Database of British and Irish Hills
g: recorded by GPS receiver, but uncorroborated
t: grid ref of trig pillar (derived from OS website), note that the trig pillar may not mark the highest point
e: estimated from map (i.e. no actual readings), note that the point on the map (e.g. spot height) may not be at the highest point
e6: estimated to 6 digits only

Please contact the author with any grid references you have recorded, including a brief description of the actual point recorded - the more readings, the greater the accuracy of the grid ref