Name:Housedon Hill
Hill number:2318
Height:268.3m / 880ft
Section:33: The Scottish Border to the River Tyne
Col:84.9m  NT 8547 3448  
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Entry no.Date recordedGrid Ref.Feature / Observations / SurveyRecorded byStatusSubpointLatest review
2302525/04/2018NT 90218 32707  F: Small cairnK&AD
4226628/03/2024NT 90218 32703  F: NR
4226728/03/2024NT 90218 32703  F: NR
O: ground 200m by fenceline at NT 90215 32912 is 0.8m lower
-955423/10/2011NT 90218 32709  F: small cairn
O: cairn on top 200m N at NT 90215 32912 is about 1m lower
S: Abney level
-955523/10/2011NT 90218 32709  F: small cairn
O: cairn on top 200m N at NT 90215 32912 is about 1m lower
S: Abney level
-955623/10/2011NT 90218 32709  F: small cairn
O: cairn on top 200m N at NT 90215 32912 is about 1m lower
S: Abney level
-955723/10/2011NT 90216 32710  F: small cairn
O: cairn on top 200m N at NT 90215 32912 is about 1m lower
S: Abney level
-955813/01/2013NT 90220 32709  F: small cairn
O: cairn on top 200m N at NT 90215 32912 is about 1m lower
S: Abney level
-955928/03/2010NT 90215 32912  F: cairn 5m E of fence
O: ground on top 200m S at NT 90234 32712 is about 1m higher
S: Abney level
George Gradwell
-956023/10/2011NT 90215 32913  F: cairn 5m E of fence
O: ground on top 200m S at NT 90234 32712 is about 1m higher
S: Abney level
-9561NT 90219 32901  F: no feature W of fence
O: ground is about 20cm lower than cairn
S: Abney level
-956223/10/2011NT 90209 32908  F: no feature W of fence
O: ground is about 20cm lower than cairn
S: Abney level
-956328/03/2010NT 90234 32712  F: no feature
O: this ground is about 15m E of summit position on S Top and lower
S: Abney level
George Gradwell

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Logged Descriptions  (logged by 261 users)ByDate of Ascent
Same as others - parked at Reedsford. Lovely sunny evening and good views all round. Solorichard6919/05/2024
From Reedsford as others. Very sad little cairn at the top.squeegs11/05/2024
Same route as Alan Caine took but the rain was in full flow on my visit. An oddly enjoyable walk. This was after the Triggers Meet 2024 in Wooler had finished.KevPalmer25/03/2024
Early start from Wooler to miss the heavy rain forecast. Parked at Reedsford about 8:30am and then up the steep slopes. North top also bagged. Back at the car just as the rain started about 9:20.Alan Caine25/03/2024
Parked opposite footbridge in Reedsford, followed RoW behind house and up gap in gorse, steeply to small mast. Over to summit and north highpoint by fence. Back same way. Managed to dodge the showers.Flatfield13/11/2023
From Reedsford - parking space available beyond houses.davechaffey28/09/2023
From Reedsford along to the bridge over the river and through the gate opposite.Up track to top field and then up to summit.ARM20/08/2023
From Kypie Hill skirting north, then west of deer fence. On to Coldside Hill.Wycombe Wanderer16/05/2023
From Reedsford. ROW to access land, then steeply up. Easily through gorse following cattle tracks.vuirich26/02/2023
Parked in big layby at 89900 31560. Down tiny road to Canno Mill, through houses to Jubilee bridge, up to Crookhouse and follow tracks. Lots of snow and ice, superb day.iangalbraith18/01/2023
From Reedsford.summitsup10/10/2022
Beautiful evening. From Reedsford, anticlockwise - up S ridge avoiding loud inquisitive cows, descended further west over gates coming out of track close to parking.Nick Canute16/09/2022
From Reedsford, up track and through opening onto access land. Rough track, then good ATV track to summit ridge. Forest may have been felled but the deer fence is still there so I followed the fence on its SW side- gates all the way and at summit enclosure on Kypie Hill. To return, another gate allowed access to RoW via Dipper Wood. This has its fight moments before Dipper Wood and is almost impassible after so I enetered the fields SW of the fence (other side from RoW) asap to return.pwheeler10/09/2022
Out and back from Milfield with Coldside. Big descent and ascent between the two. Weather awful rainy and windyLongwojo09/09/2022
3 of 4: From Reedsford. With Karen.ChrisR18/04/2022
With L & RJanet M06/02/2022
from layby on B6351, FP through wood and across river to Reedford then straight up, down again by SE ridge and FB to Canno Mill.IanHHill30/11/2021
Straight up and down from Reedsford. Solo.Dangerous Dave17/11/2021
To Flodden (tough going!)Jim T21/07/2021
From End of the road at Reedsford, followed RoW to access land then steeply up to the summit which now has a nice cairn. great views to the Cheviots. Returned along vehicle track which skirted the N and W sides of the access landJephcote8313/07/2021
From Reedsford, followed FP to access land, then very steeply up close to fence to east. Good views at top. Descended east to pick up Bridleway for Kepie Hill, but could have gone along ridge north, as trees had been felled. FP back from Crookhouse overgrown.PeterD28/06/2021
With Val. Weather hot and sunny. Parked near Reedsford. Followed track up to open access land the continued upwards on the east side of the stream and gulley shown on the map. Once above the gorse headed straight for the summit. Descended towards col between Housedon and Homilton Hills and picked up track that returned to the road on the west side of the stream/gulley.mike.hoult28/06/2021
from north, parked at West Floddenjef22/06/2021
Parked near footbridge at Reedsford, then steeply up and down in about an hour. A few cattle on lower slopes but no bother. Nice to see mountain pansies near the summit.milimana26/05/2021
I drove up the A697 towards the Scottish Border and stopped near to Kirknewton. Set off North towards Housedon Hill crossing first the old railway line and then Bowmont Water. I walked along the Northern edge of Bowmont Water for the first mile until I reached Crookhouse. I had a clear view of Housedon Hill but my original route up the Eastern flank looked steep and not particularly attractive. I could see a faint track up the Southern slope so headed up that way instead. The wind hadnít been a problem until I got to about 200mts and then it became difficult to walk. I reached the top and wanted to hang around to enjoy the views but the cold wind prevented that. I didnít want stay in the wind so decided to quickly head down the not so difficult Eastern flank. I quickly made my way back to Crookhouse and then arrived at the car after 3.4 miles in1hr and 10 minutes.JamesJones11/03/2021
Verge parking at West Flodden. Paths > Kypie Hill > Coldside Hill > Housedon Hill. Easy going from the N on footpaths or cropped grassland except bracken on the W flank of Coldside (not a problem in winter).JohnR30/12/2020
From Reedsford, through gate at bottom of access land. Diagonally up round the gorse bushes, then zigzagged up steep grass slope to mast. Easy grass slopes from there to the summit. Back the same way. KeithByTheC13/07/2020
With K. Parked with no difficulty at end o yellow road at Reedsford and proceeded up track and across access land. Steep.Ashley11/08/2019
Large parking area just east of Reedsford, by the footbridge (alt 67m). Continue round the back of Househaugh as far as the open access field from where a stiff climb leads you to the summit.moorsman01/08/2019
Parked in layby on B6351 then got onto hills via Cannon Mill. Did Coldside Hill no problem then dropped down to ROW and did Kypie Hill via small wood to SE. As i was coming down to col prior to Housedon Hill i was cut off by a man in a Toyota pick up. (Landowner/farmer) who had obviously seen me and who went out of his way to track me down. He wasnt rude but did say i wasnt 'allowed' to just wander anywhere i want and asked me what i was looking for! When i told him was heading for Housedon Hill he didnt like it but at least he didnt try to stop me. So thankfully an awkward situation was avoided. Although he was rather less than friendly. He did say that was getting fed up of walkers not keeping to ROW. Maybe he just doesnt want folk to see the illegal bird of prey traps that he has set out!thenomad09/05/2019
Housedon Hill, Kypie Hill and Coldside Hill from Reedsford. Followed the grassy track between Homilton Hill and Housedon Hill, which turned into a cow path, so headed straight to the summit. Avoiding amorous cows was the theme for the rest of the walk, returning via Crookhouse.summitter23/03/2019
Solo trip. Extremely windy.Invicta1407/10/2018
Solo HFB29/09/2018
From Reedsford on the way back from Shillhopr Law.45mins.NormanW20/09/2018
Round of Coldside, Kypie and Housedon hills from Westnewton car park. Second visit to this MarilynColin Crawford18/09/2018
Parked at Reedsford. Walked up track opposite footbridge to gain access to open ground on West side of hill.raffemeister14/09/2018
Short walk down to river from road, over the bridge by old millhouse. Then footpath rather eroded so we worked up the side of field with cows and then worked across left to pick up footpath into small valley to East of the hill, then chose a line up hill just before woodland. Easy enough. Sat on top watching gliders!nickywood105/08/2018
From layby near The Cottage, to south. Set off 8.30pm, back 9.45pm. Fine, warm. Freed stuck sheep. Rounsfell22/07/2018
From a layby on the B road, down through woodland to the cottage then up this rather steep hill. Great views but lots of flies and sheep!twg2718/07/2018
Started at The Cottage and crossed river at new footbridge. Took track up prior to access land to above col and approached from north. Dropped west just after the summit on atv track.SS11/06/2018
2/5 Marilyn day. The short ascent up the steep fields of Housedon Hill from Reedsmoor. A round trip of only 3km in just 1 hour. (S)silveracorn_alan29/05/2018
From ReedsfordBLACKHILL08/04/2018
Parked at Reedsford beside large digger. Itís currently a building site. On a Friday afternoon a time when most builders frequent pubs so got away with it.rogreeves13/10/2017
A superb hill. Very helpful owner directed me to a parking place at Reedsford. Along the footpath and up the access land, following cattle tracks through the gorse and then straight up the hill. Bagged both bumps just to be on the safe side. Truly outstanding views.Gill05/10/2017
From the bothy, Reedsford -theres loads of roadside parking. Lots of building work. A straightforward blast which looked worse tgan it was and as such took under25mins to summit. Superb view into the Northern aspect of the Cheviots. Still no sign of the promised rain! Last of 4 Marilyns todaystig_nest12/09/2017
Parked at Reedsford: route initially via ROW to ESE, then up steep field on open access ground to top, finding route through gorse belt by going up valley feature in field then heading right out of valley when gorse area reached.Cas-gwent18/07/2017
From Reedsford. Houseden Hill - Kypie Hill - Coldside Hill - Crookhouse - Reedsford.Moorponder13/07/2017
Using track to SW (Reedsford), to walkers gate (tied up) at NT898329. Animal trod leads to ATV track (NT899330) up shoulder of hill to summit. Excellentcarole engel18/06/2017
Parked at the gate to the 'bothy' at Reedsford, after the signs for the carpark said it was private for estate use only. Followed the public footpath off to the side of the 'bothy' and then the fence pass the gorse. The ascent from the West side was very steep and I had to zigzag my way to the top, eventually ascending from the South side via the false summit. At the top I found the remains of the small cairn and attempted to restore it (I don't have GPS and had to go from my map - so if it is off, please correct), although I think the landowner will probably remove it again. Went to the alternative summit by the wood and there were remains of another broken cairn in the wood on the wrong side of a new looking fence. The views were fantastic, snow on the Cheviot and the Eildon Hills in the far west were visible.NorthernWayfarer07/02/2017
Along footpath from Reedsford then northeast along fence line and across open access ground to do both summits just to be sure.Canny28/10/2016
From end of the road. Made a short round of it with Kypie and Coldside Hills.jonglew15/10/2016
Quick lunch up and down from Road west of Reedsford, over Homilton Hill in search of the elusive cow pat...of which there were many. Great views to Cheviot and north on a warm Sept dayN.Morters06/09/2016
From end of road, follow track (not ROW) uphill. After about 400m, go through gate on right into access land. Straight up from there avoids the gorse.PGCE24/05/2016
in views, on ownDenise 29/04/2016
#561. Parking are churned up by plant doing some pipe works. 'Small cairn' is the 2 stones next to the large cow-pat!tim74709/03/2016
With Gina. 100th English Marilyn. Parked at end of public road at Reedsford NT 89452 32401. Through gate along footpath and on to access land, then east up steep bank to summit. Very windy on summit but lovely and clear all round. No sign of small cairn at NT 90218 32709, possible alternative summit near fence at NT 90211 32906.mntainman10/12/2015
With SteveGinaSmith10/12/2015
Very pleasant 2 hour circular from Reedsford: Housedon Hill, Kypie Hill, and Coldside Hill. Mostly on RoWs and Access Land, but see note for Kypie Hill. Return route from Crookhouse difficult. FP was very overgrown with broom and bracken.Crib Goch10/10/2015
2mFM Radio Activation SB-010. Hard to activate on VHF.Petem0hqo21/08/2015
From ReedsfordAndrewFinnimore19/06/2015
So windy that I could hardly stand on the small summit plateau. Very good visibility though.Peterb09/03/2015
from end of the public road at reedsford.robertphillips16/01/2015
Plenty of parking by the gate alongside the rough track about 150m beyond the cottages Ė Though gate and up track Ė Left track through gate & headed up steep slopes to very small summit cairn (2 small rocks). (PM)gerrybowes05/01/2015
From Reedsford and ascended up the south west slope. Spoke to the gamekeeper who requests walkers park beyond the white cottage and farm buildings. Plenty of space for parking further along beyond the bend where the uphill track starts.bolton05/01/2015
With George, short little walk, there is a cairn on the other side of the barbed wired fence but that is definitely lower.tallblond08/11/2014
From the car park in Reedsford - straightforward walk, but not easy to find the exact summit in the very strong winds, which made standing up difficult at times! As well as the stated GR (just a couple of stones on the ground) also visited the small cairn just over the fence into the woodland, which seemed higher, and every other nearby grassy hummock, just to be sure!martin_hall21/10/2014
Parked at Reedsford, then took right of way into access land. I then went steeply straight up to the summit.Sprog11/08/2014
easy from Redesford carparkThearlaichdubh04/07/2014
Parked at West Newton. Crossed over river Glen and followed the ROW on the east side to Cannon Mill. The ROW up to Crookhouse was completely over grown with six foot high bracken so we had to jungle bash up. Much complaining was heard from Mrs Mindlessflogger who couldn't see over it. Followed ROW north and then went round the back of the woods and up to the top. Returned the same way but followed the track to Lanton Mill to avoid the undergrowth. Found a 'do not park here' sign on car back at Westnewton so the locals don't like strangers parking on the public highway (or have got nothing better to do).mindlessflogger03/08/2013
Grid ref 90218 32709 is for the high knoll about 50 yards from the fence so does not match the photo. I had no equipment with me and both points look the same to the naked eye.clivevilla01/07/2013
With friend Nick (G4OOE) from Reedsford (Car Park signposted near cottages). Excellent little summit surrounded by bigger fells.G4OBK (Phil)07/06/2013
Phil G4OBK and I did this one in the afternoon after doing The Cheviot in the morningG4OOE07/06/2013
W Jenx, parked in the signed Car Park at Reedsford, first farm building before track degrades. NB at time of ascent footbridge onto other side of river is gone, washed away. Go thru gate then up hillside on rough track. At higher gate cut onto hill and climbed steeply to South top. Snow deep by now, fierce icy wind/spindrift. No cairn just iced snow surface. Stumbled onto fence line and North top before dropping into lee of hill and back to car with same track used to ascend.nordicstar23/03/2013
3rd/5 for day around the Cheviot. A nice one, cloudless sky and air surprisingly warm, car thermometer showed +12C at Redesford.Topographer5727/02/2013
From Reedsford. Plenty of parking, as noted previously. Great views of Cheviot up the College Valley.amswanston08/10/2012
Lovely grassy hill with great views. Parked at Westnewton car park, climbed via Crookhouse & followed steep track at forest edge through new access gates. Saw fox on top of hill :)Jackson03/06/2012
Nice dayandying15/01/2012
Parked in Howtel and took farm track. Then through fields through gates. Skirted woodland at top; summit is well clear of wood at S end of plateau. No flies and no cows.dbb10/08/2011
From Reedsford. Plenty of parking. Good walk.destaylor09/10/2009
I took the route in from the north parking at West Flodden and following the footpath most of the way and then around the wood for the last part.Father Ted15/10/2008
Solo. Done from north.pwbellarby08/08/2008
Climbed after a business trip to Newcastle-upon-Tyne.Man of Kernow118/07/2007
Steep climb up from Reedsford Farm.andy04/11/2006
SOTA activationIan G7KXV20/09/2006
Small cairn / highest point is actually on edge of wood, not in it as shown on my map. Had to navigate past several big bulls to get to summit and due to **** navigation I actually climbed it's sister top first!signyred15/08/2006
From Reedsford. There is a small cairn between fence and wood, about the only thing of note.Aye Jimmy21/05/2006
No problems of access from HowtelSJ10/05/2006
Walked in from West Flodden using the rights of way until within striking distance of the top.garyhoney01/01/2006
parked at West Flodden and followed path southwards. many cattle in fields. Not sure where the top was exactly, but the number of flies made my decision quickly ;-)Jhimmy07/08/2005
Done with Ros Hill and The Cheviot.Dugswell207/05/2005
The most northerly English marilyn - Parked near Canno Mill - using the bridge over the river - then up the grassy slopes to this airy top.chinnock14/02/2005
Parked near Canno Mill Over bridge and up the south ridgeChinnockC14/02/2005
Afternoon ascent from the south.JohnW27/03/2004
Wet grass and thistles from Canno Farm and back.Eddie27/06/2003
Approached from Westnewton to the south as I couldn't find a suitable parking space to the north. yorkie17/11/2002
Farm track uphill through 2 gates skirting wood to grassy flat dome and 2 points contending for the top. 11.00.arranc05/08/2000
good tk then steep grass, summit at forest edge, pleasant hill. park just N of reedsford @ 892327, track via reedsford RHW10/09/1999
With Lesley on way back to Sheffield after Edinburgh Festival. From SE some private signs. Just after we left the deserted summit another walker (bagger?) wearing big mountain boots appeared and strode purposefully up to and sat down at the top. Gordon was that you ? Then to Ros Hill.Chris Pearson25/08/1997
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