Map Notes
  • Hover cursor over a triangle for name of top
  • Triangles indicate locations of hills found by the search
  • Red/Green triangles indicate hills/tops I/you have ascended/not ascended
  • Triangle size gives some indication of hill height...
      3000ft+  2000ft+  1000ft+  <1000ft
  • Double-click on map to re-centre and zoom in (or use mouse wheel)
  • Pan the map using mouse to drag, or use navigation buttons
  • Click on a triangle for more details, i.e...

  • Hill name (click for page showing details of summit (opens a new window))
    Height (metres / feet)
    Class (see list below)
    Rank (Nuttalls only) e.g. Snowdon = 1
    Date of ascent (if logged)... on date or (add log) to log ascent (if signed in)
    Links to alternative mapping

    See Glossary for list of abbreviations used for hill classifications.

Table Notes
  • Class - see Map Notes for meanings of abbreviations
  • Click on column headings (e.g. Hill Name) to re-order the list, and click again to reverse order
  • Click on symbol next to Hill No/Rank to indicate its position on the map
  • Click on a Hill Name for page showing details of summit (opens a new window)
  • Metres and Feet - height of summit above sea level
  • Grid Reference (see Disclaimer) - Click on a grid ref for OS map courtesy of Multimap (opens a new window)
  • (est) after grid ref indicates the grid ref has been estimated from mapping
  • Date of Ascent - my/your personal log
  • Summits displayed in red are the ones I/you have ascended