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Registered members can log their own ascents via the mountain detail pages.  These can be found via the mountain lists shown in the mountain area pages, or via the Mountain Search page.  Find the mountain you wish to log, and click on its name where you see it in the list or in the search results.  You can then enter your date of ascent, and your own GPS recorded OS grid reference (if known).

The hills you have logged will appear as red triangles on the map pages.

...a password you can give to your friends so they can sign in to view your progress.  Note that if you log in using the read-only password you will not be able to add or update your logs!

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If you wish to have your registration details removed from the hill-bagging database and your hill ascent logs erased, please contact me supplying your username and registered e-mail address.

...OS Grid Reference for you home location, e.g. TQ336805
click here to obtain your OS Grid Reference using your postcode, and copy the Grid Ref given in the "LR" field
...may be left blank.

...choose whether to hide maps by default, and only show them on request - saves unwanted downloads on mobile devices

...add a few words about yourself if you wish, which other users can view.   Maybe something about how long you have been hill walking or which lists you are trying to complete.
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...colour for unclimbed hills on selected list

...colour for climbed hills on selected list

...colour for unclimbed hills on other lists

...colour for climbed hills on other lists

...colour for hills climbed but summit not reached required triangle scaling scheme

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The highest mountain in England is Scafell
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